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Styling Oil Recommendation
USE THIS PRODUCT: Aquage SeaExtend Silkening Oil
COOL FACTOR: Oil is a hot category, and introducing this product to your clients can help keep them happy with their style between visits
• You use the product and charge $35 for them to take home the bottle
• To 2 clients per day, 10 per week
• You bring in $17,500 extra in one year

the service buzz:
SeaExtend Silkening oil is a styling treatment formulated with sea botanicals, ultra-light argan oil and sweet almond oil. The crystal-clear formula contains no artificial dyes that can leave hair with a yellowish tint, and helps extend the life of hair color.

Success in the salon is a two-step process, says Aquage VP Creative and Co-Founder Luis Alvarez. "First, we have to create beautiful hair in the salon, and that's something that most hairdressers do very well. Second, we must extend that beautiful hair to the client's home, enabling her to maintain the look between visits. That's where we're not as consistent; the hair on the street today doesn't look nearly as good as the hair in the salon. But that's also where there's opportunity. If salons can get that second component right, they can begin adding 10 to 20 percent to their bottom line today."

With that in mind, he helped create a super-easy product that would address the universal wish-list from clients for smooth, shiny, silky hair that's manageable enough to work with any style. And SeaExtend Silkening Oil Treatment was born. When stylists use SeaExtend Silkening Oil on their clients after the shampoo, clients see how it makes their hair look and feel and say, "I want that."

"It works whether the client has heavy, textured hair or fine, blonde hair" says Alvarez. "The purpose was to make the outer surface of the hair smooth and shiny no matter what else you're doing to the hair. This isn't flat, skinny hair. It's smooth hair."

don't miss this:
In addition to quality, exclusivity is what ensures clients will come back to you. "Aquage sells only to independently owned salons and spas," Alvarez continues. "We do not sell to national chains or retail stores. This year we celebrated our 10th year in business, and we've been able to keep that promise."

Education is the other piece to retaining clients. Through its easy-to-navigate website, Aquage educates clients and stylists in how to use the products, and includes video demos. Go to to check it out.

Offer salon products for smooth hairtrend alert:
Consumers love anything that helps save time, and research shows that the time spent blow drying hair is a woman's least favorite part of her beauty routine. So the fact that SeaExtend Silkening Oil speeds the drying process is a huge plus. Explain to your clients that the special blend of oils heats up faster than water does, cutting drying time by up to 40 percent.

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