One-Step Hi-Lift Blonding


High-Lift Hair Color
USE THIS PRODUCT: KPSS/Goldwell Topchic HiBlondes Control
THE COOL FACTOR: You achieve gorgeous, healthy high lift in one step.
• You charge $85 per Goldwell Topchic HiBlondes Control service
• To 2 clients per day, 10 per week
• You bring in $42,500 more in one year

the service buzz:
Copchi HiBlondes, which processes in 20 to 40 minutes, comes in eight shades in the 11 series, which lifts up to four levels, and five shades in the 12 series, which lifts up to five levels.

The brand's Integrated Protect System provides superior protection of the inner-hair structure during the lifting process, resulting in extreme smoothness and shine.

"Topchic HiBlondes offers a cool shade with control and reliability," says Katie Leineweber, assistant brand manager for Goldwell's color and texturizer product lines. "Frequently with high lift you're pulling a lot of warmth, and the result can be a yellowy blonde rather than the cool, crisp, clear blonde we get with HiBlondes. In addition, instead of having to use both a lightener and a bleach, so that you tone afterward, HiBlondes lifts and tones in just one step. This makes the service more time-efficient, and stylists don't have to go back and forth to the shampoo bowl."

Teresa Thompson agrees that the time savings appeals to both stylists and clients. As education director of New Energy Salon in Wheat Ridge, Colorado, Thompson trains staff in all color techniques. The salon uses only Goldwell and KPSS color products, and Thompson credits the quality products with helping the two-year-old salon forge a beeline path to success.

"Blonding is the single hardest thing you do in a salon," Thompson elaborates. "This quick service delivers great hair color to clients who want something very professional and shiny."

don't miss this:
To get clients excited about hair color, Goldwell has published Go Color, a 30-page book designed to sit in the salon's reception area. Clients flip through and choose one of the multidimensional shades shown, then bring the book to show their stylist. Step-by-step instructions accompany each look. "Go Color is easy for stylists to use during the consultation in order to increase business," says Paige Fadden, KPSS media relations manager.

trend alert:
This fall, Goldwell will launch Men's ReShade, a fresh approach to men's hair color needs. Men have been resistant to hair color because the process embarrasses them, and past results have sometimes looked artificial. Men ReShade will address both issues.

A five-minute grey blending process completed right at the shampoo bowl, Men ReShade is made even easier with an innovative foam applicator. The service is designed to help men in the 30 to 60 age with up to 75 percent gray hair achieve a natural gray-blending look so they can appear well-groomed, relaxed and masculine. This new brand will offer male clients a great confidence boost, while stylists will add another upservice to their profit-making toolbelt.

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