Ultimate Conditioning


Deep-Conditioning Treatment
USE THIS PRODUCT: Joico K-PAK Professional Hair Repair System
THE COOL FACTOR: EVERY service you do is improved.
• You charge $25 per treatment
• To 6 clients per day, 30 per week
• You bring in $37,500 more in one year

K-PAK strengthens hair from the inside out. Appropriate for every client and formulated with Joico's exclusive Quadramine Complex, the K-PAK Hair Repair System dramatically enhances the beauty and integrity of the hair. The four-step process takes 17 minutes.

"This system equips stylists with an ‘insurance policy' that virtually guarantees exceptional salon results-from chemical services to hair cutting to finishing," says Korrie Gutierrez, marketing manager for Joico's K-Pak line. "With K-PAK, every service a stylist performs delivers healthier and longer-lasting results."

The number one reason for hair color fading is a weak, fragile hair fiber, according to Sara Jones, Joico's senior vice president and general manager. "When salons use K-PAK products, they are providing the hair with the strength and stability it needs to make color last long and stay vibrant," says Jones. "Clients pay a lot of money for their color service, and they are very grateful when a stylist uses the right products to make sure their investment is maintained."

Don't Miss This:
The newest star in the K-PAK ultimate care cycle is the K-PAK ReconstRx VaporIron. "Women are obsessed with flatirons, and unfortunately their hair is showing the negative side of this obsession," explains Jones. "Traditional flatirons strip the hair of protein and moisture, causing dryness and breakage. The K-Pak VaporIron solves this huge problem by infusing the hair with our revolutionary Quadramine Complex during the styling process, making it the first and only flatiron to virtually reconstruct the hair while ironing. This is the first flatiron that is actually good for the hair!" When used with the line's VaporFuel, compared to the leading professional flatiron the result is 40 percent less breakage; 33.5 percent less color fadage due to daily shampooing and thermal styling; and minimized curl reversion, even after 12 hours in high humidity.

Keep clients' hair color with K-PakTrend Alert:
As a company, Joico is committed to doing business in an eco-conscious manner. "We're taking bold steps in the manufacturing, packaging and distribution of our best-selling products to ensure they're as good for the planet as they are for the hair," remarks Gutierrez. This initiative includes:
• Onsite wind power. By 2011, Joico will be generating its own wind power.
• Recycled-content packaging. Joico prints on 100 percent recycled paperboard and packages products in 70 percent post-consumer recycled (PCR) content.
• Giving back. This year Joico will donate a portion of the profits from sales of Joico Earth Day Care Duos to the volunteer-based community action and education organization Keep America Beautiful.

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