How well do you really know the companies you choose to do business with? In conjunction with Earth Month, we invited SALON TODAY sponsors to wear their heart on our sleeves by describing their corporate philanthropic or green programs. Take a look and link through to their websites for more information:

En-vera, a Verasoft Foundation, is proud of their Corporate Social and Environmental Responsibility initiative. Over the past few decades, high-tech firms have become one of the leading sources of harmful greenhouse gases due to the rise in overall energy consumption from computers and related systems. The executive team at Verasoft recognizes the challenge this poses for current and future generations. Operating as a multi-national firm, En-Vera impacts the communities in which they adhere to the highest employment standards by offering fair compensation and outstanding work environments. Verasoft has already joined up with tech titans—Dell, Google, Microsoft, Yahoo and Intel to name a few—in the Climate Savers Smart Computing Global Program. En-Vera's primary role in supporting this initiative is to ensure the widespread deployment of power-management tools and to pledge to purchase more energy-efficient systems in the future. All the equipment they promote at this time to clients meet the Energy Star 4.0 qualifications guidelines, leading to significantly fewer greenhouse gases.

Salonbiz Central is one central application that houses all your business tools and automates best practices, while helping your salon become more environmentally friendly in the process. Salonbiz Central offers all handbooks, and product in electronic, rather than in a printed format; therefore greatly reducing paper use. Staff can be educated through innovative eLearning courses, reducing cost and energy resources. In 2010 Salonbiz Central will launch a specialized green course from Salonbiz environmental consultant, Tasha Goldberg, providing steps for salons to reduce their environmental footprint in all aspects of their business.Colorbiz is the first software for colorists. Colorbiz is the official Salonbiz software supporting the revolutionary HeadMapping Hair Color System that is transforming the color industry by helping to reduce costs and waste, capture missed revenue and grow color business.

Phyto is commited to using the best nature has to offer to treat, balance and nourish the hair and scalp. Our botanically-rich formulas respect the health of your hair, while promoting environmental consciousness. We pride ourselves in practicing responsible and sustainable manufacturing processes in a clean facility heated with natural gas, and powered by eolian energy and water. This commitment extends to product packaging where we use recyclable glass and aluminum. Phyto's fournder, Mr. Patrick Ales' passion for the environment led to acquire "La Lienne d'Ales" in 1992—a genuine sanctuary for biodiversity in central France where, with the help of his wife and daughter, he grows and cultivates several species of trees and plants without pesticides, and uses rainwater irrigation system. This arboretum and horticultural habitat is a lifelong dream that aims to preserve endanged flora, research plant cytology, and develop botanical hair remedies for Phyto haircare.

P & G Salon Professional is one of the Global 100 Most Sustainable Corporations in the World. They take a holistic “Life Cycle Assessment” approach to sustainability, which goes beyond recycling bottles, to determine a product’s entire environmental footprint, from the procurement of raw materials to the product’s use by consumers and ultimate disposal. At the manufacturing level, P&G Salon Professional has been able to reduce enough water consumption to fill 114 Olympic-sized swimming pools. They saved enough electricity to power 1,065 average homes in the United States for a year, and reduced CO2 emissions equal to taking 465 cars off the road for an entire year. Constant recycling and finding new ways to pack and ship products efficiently helped them avoid sending 98 fully loaded garbage trucks to landfills every year. By examining multiple factors in each step, P&G Salon Professional is able to make meaningful strides to reduce the overall environmental impact day after day, year after year.

Aveda seeks to raise $3.5 million in April for Clean Water Rights Aveda’s 2010 Earth Month campaign. Aveda Earth Month 2010 calls for local and global action to protect local waterways, empower communities, and help make clean water accessible to everyone, everywhere. Aveda pioneered Earth Month in April 1999 and has since raised over $14.2 million for environmental causes. Funds will be raised this year for Global Greengrants Fund, Aveda’s global Earth Month Partner, via the sale of the Light The Way soy wax candles. In addition, the Aveda Walk for Water campaign will engage Aveda salons, spas, institutes, retail stores and guests in a series of walks around the world to raise awareness, funds and excitement of the need to protect clean water.

Mindbody’s mission is to leverage the power of technology to improve the health and wellness of the world. From our LEEDS-standard green office environment, to our wellness-based products and services and company culture, Mindbody has strived from the beginning to exist as a fully green and sustainable business that radiates health and wellness to employees, clients and customers around the world. For example, by hosting our client data, businesses are left without the burden of running a server onsite. If our clients were using traditional IT methods to access their data, this could mean over 325,000 watts used. Instead, Mindbody is powering over 7,000 businesses with only 30 servers which equal to 7,500 watts of power. That's thousands of businesses in over 50 countries operating on the amount of energy it would take to run five hand-held hair dryers. The net? Mindbody is saving more than 4.2 million pounds of carbon dioxide annually.

Zotos International manufacturing facility in Geneva, New York, recently earned the distinction of “Business of the Year” from the Geneva Chamber of Commerce. The plant, which manufactures beauty products for Joico and ISO, beat out more than 200 Chamber members for the distinction. The technologically advanced facility boasts a comprehensive list of production, quality and cost-saving features. But the factors that made the Geneva Chamber of Commerce sit up and take note are factors that hit closer to home. The company’s comprehensive environmental agenda includes a mandate to source raw materials regionally whenever possible, which generates more than $5 million a year to support local businesses. A comprehensive recycling program for water, paper and hazardous materials makes Zotos/Joico/ISO an unmatched environmental leader in the community and in the beauty industry.This year, the company eliminated more than 300 tons of carbon emissions and reduced lighting costs by 30 percent. In a groundbreaking initiative, the facility will establish a wind power program to generate 60 percent of its energy in 2010 and more than 100 percent by 2011. At that point, about 5 percent of surplus energy will be donated back to the city of Geneva.

Rusk is committed to providing products to salons and stylists so they can be more energy efficient and save money at the same time! Everyone wants to do their part to help the environment; hairstylists are not exempt from this call to action. That’s why our stylizing tools are vital instruments to their success. Rusk generated a trade-in program for energy sucking blow-dryers and flat irons to salons/stylists only. The idea was to trade in their tools for ‘Go Green’ by Rusk eco-friendly appliances designed to help reduce everyone’s carbon footprint. Both tools have features that aid in our fight to save the planet while continuing to deliver the results that Rusk is known for. The tools use 26 percent less energy with equal performance to original styling tools along with Phthalate-free power cords. Rusk’s goal is to continue to help the industry see things a little greener—that applies to increased sales due to a smart way of styling.

KMS California is committed to honoring our more than 30-year heritage of respect and responsibility for the safety and well-being of our customers, our community and our planet. It is their pledge to conduct business with sound ethics, transparency and the highest possible standards, as we strive to enrich and improve lives. In keeping with our tradition, KMS California has incorporated a fusion of native natural ingredients along with the latest innovative technology, IOPS. Each natural ingredient has been carefully chosen for its associated benefit to individual hair types and textures. This fusion penetrates the hair more effectively to reconstruct, strengthen and protect. The result is shiny and healthy hair. In addition, all KMS California packaging is 100 percent recyclable and beginning in 2010, all our materials are printed on FSC certified paper.

Aware Personalized Branding has always been concerned with being environmentally responsible. Aware moved away from the use of parabens in all our new product development. Our customers will also find that we have begun to use certified organics in our new hair care and spa formulas. Over the last year Aware Personalized Branding has made several updates to its facility to benefit the environment. The roof of the manufacturing facility was replaced with a greener alternative that produces less heat; the central air units have been replaced with energy efficient models; energy efficient lighting is used throughout the facility, and we have adopted an extensive recycling program. Aware is a proud member of the National Products Association. Our laboratory has produced a complete line of NPA certification compliant bases that are available for custom formulation of hair, skin, and body care products.

Join other successful salons and day spas to turn your business into an environmentally friendly atmosphere with Salon Iris software. One of the quickest and most effective ways that your business can participate in the new ‘Green Revolution’ is by cutting back on the unnecessary use of paper. Salon Iris software will calculate your payroll, store product inventories, manage staff schedules, display all service and retail sales with totals and so much more. By holding all appointments and client information within your computer, Salon Iris software saves the need for unnecessary wasted paper and printing costs. The more that you are able to store and calculate in your software system, the easier your entire business will operate. Salon Iris software takes its environmental concerns a step further by offering the full software trail via download directly from the

Mark your calendars for Premiere Orlando Beauty Show 2010 from June 5 to 7 at the Orlando/Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida. The show will have basic to advanced education for the entire salon and spa. Last year, classrooms were at capacity as students, novices and even the most seasoned veterans received the tools, training and quality education required to grow and succeed in the fast-paced beauty industry.

Clean+easy waxing line is removing more than hair; they have removed excess packaging. The clean+easy products and appliances remain the same but now come in smaller boxes, with less packaging. Clean and green. Clean + easy offers a full range of roll-on waxes, pot wax, pre and post wax treatment products, and various home care products.

Aquage introduces SeaExtend Silkening Oil Treatment. This revolutionary new product is exceptional for smoothing and silkening coarse, frizzy and curly hair, but lightweight enough to use on all hair types. Infused with unique blends of sea kale, sea fennel and sea beet extracts, it restores moisture and soothes the scalp. Ultra-light, extra virgin argan oil and sweet almond oil penetrate to nourish and silken the hair, providing excellent humidity resistance and lasting frizz control. The crystal clear formula (no dyes added) is available in a 4.5oz, easily recyclable, heavy PET plastic bottle with lockable pump. Sold only in independently owned salons and spas. As for our philanthropic endeavors we are proud partners with Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Our partnership began in 2008 and with the help of our salon partners and clients Aquage has donated over $196,000. In 2010 our minimum guaranteed donation will add another $100,000.

SuperCharge Your Front Desk Operations is an all-new book from MIKAL, leaders in front desk systems since 1981. Now is the time to update and upgrade your front desk scripts and operations. Times require strategies that will increase retention and generate added profits. Use the ideas in our new manual to surpass your front desk operations goals! Cost for the 100+ page book is only $99 plus shipping.

Doing Business online offers convenience, flexibility and choice. Shortcuts 24ON service suite includes online booking, automate e-mail marketing, automated online backups and remote access.

North American Bancard is a leader and pioneer in the credit card processing business. Benefits of the Salon Exclusive Program: Wholesale rates starting at 1.03 percent. Free state-of-the-art terminals for wireless, high speed or dial up. Zero set up or annual fees. In a contract now? NAB will reimburse you up to $295 for an early termination fee.

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