The Valedictorian, Most Likely to Succeed, All-Star Athlete, Most Popular—every graduation class has their list of those who led the group in areas of excellence.

2010 Salon Today 200

For the first time, we’re doing the same with the SALON TODAY 200. As in years past, our list continues to honor the fastest-growing salons in North America—which, let’s face it, was no easy task over the past few years. But for this 13th anniversary issue, we decided to take the ST200 in a new direction by designating the salons that have led our industry in certain best business practices.

Our ST200 Class of 2010 has Tech Titans, Marketing Gurus and Retail Wonders. We’ve identified the Earthly Preservers, the Eager to Pleasers, and the industry’s top Talent Scouts. We’ve recognized the HR Wizards, the Rewarders and Retainers, the Education Champions and the Inventory Controllers.

Earning one of these Best Practice designations wasn’t easy. After requiring applicants to provide all kinds of illuminating details about their businesses, we asked multiple questions requiring detailed essay responses. And, we made them back up those compositions with additional data and statistics. 

As a result, the ST200 continues its overall mission of establishing and providing important benchmarks that all salon and spa owners can measure their businesses against.

2010 Salon Today 200


C&B: Compensation & Benefits
R&R: Retention and Reward Programs
CS: Customer Service
R&T: Recruitment and Training
ED: Advanced Education
MKT: Marketing 
TECH: Technology
ENV: Environmental Sustainability
RET: Retail
INV: Inventory Control
GRO: Growth

*Although many salons captured multiple honors, they each are profiled once in the ST200 issue. Scroll down to get links to download the profiles.



Acapello Salon GRO
Accolades Salon Spa GRO
Adevia SpaSalon TECH
Alluring Designs A Salon GRO
Ambience Salon Spa CS
Americana GRO, R&T, ENV
Anaala Salon and Spa GRO, ED
Appearances Hair Color and Design Studio INV, R&R, CS
Arrojo Studio GRO, R&T
Art + Science Salon Spa GRO, ED, TECH, ENV
Artbeat Salon and Gallery GRO
Artistic Trends Salon CS
Asonipse Spa and Salon GRO
Atelier Rouge Hair and Body Retreat
Aura Salon and Day Spa R&T
Avalon Salon and Day Spa CS, R&R, ENV, INV
Avant Salon Spa TECH
Avantgarde Salon Spa GRO, MKT
Aveda Academy Denver, Pure Talent Salons ENV, C&B
Beau Monde Spalon MKT, CS, ENV, RET, INV 
The Beauty Lounge GRO
Bei Capelli R&T
Bell Tower Salon, MediSpa and Store R&R, CS, ED, MKT, RET, INV
Bella Capelli Sanctuario GRO, C&B
Bella Luci Salon GRO
Bella Salon and Day Spa GRO
Bella Vita Salon and Day Spa GRO
Belle Epoque an Atelier Salon GRO, MKT, INV
Bernards Salon and Spa R&T
Bien Soigne R&R
Bijin Salon and Spa CS, C&B
Birds Barbershop GRO
Breeze Salon and Day Spa GRO
Caruh Salon and Spa ED, ENV
Centre Salon and Spa GRO
Challise and Company MKT
Changes Hair Studio and Spa GRO, ENV, RET
Charisma Inner Beauty - Outward
The Charles Penzone Family of Salons ED, CS, R&T, MKT, TECH
Chrome: A Salon Experience GRO, MKT
Coiffeteria Salon INV
Craig Berns Salon Spa ED
Dante Lucci Salon R&T
The Day Spa @ Folawn’s R&T
Daybreak Salon and Spa GRO
Design 1 Salon Spa TECH
Dionysus Salon Spa GRO
DK hair GRO
Dolce Lusso Salon and Day Spa
Dolce Salon and Spa GRO
Domani Salon and Spa GRO
Elayne James Salon Companies
Elle Marie Hair Studio GRO, MKT
Eminently Hair Salon and Pure Artist Studio GRO
Entourage Salon and Spa ENV
Eric Fisher Salons CS
Estilo Salon and Day Spa GRO
Finesse Spa Salon INV
For Men Only, Ltd. GRO
Francisco’s Salon GRO
Fresh Hair Studio TECH
Fringe Hair Co. GRO
Fusion 3 Salon GRO, C&B, TECH
Geno Levi Spirit and Style Salon
Gentleman’s Quarters TECH
Ginger Bay Salon and Spa RET, C&B, R&R, CS, ED, MKT, TECH, ENV, INV
Girl from Ipanema Spa GRO
Gordon Salons and Spas R&T
Green Peridot GRO, ED, INV
Greener Grass Hair Color and Designs GRO
Habitude Salons and Spa C&B, R&T, ED, MKT
Hair Benders Salon GRO, TECH
The Hair Company RET, R&R, R&T, MKT, INV
Hair on the Avenue R&R, MKT, RET, INV 
Hair Technology and Body Salon
Haircolorxperts - Carmel Commons
Haircolorxperts - Parktowne GRO, RET
Halo Salon and Color Lab GRO
Harmony Salon Spa GRO
HQ Salon and Spa GRO, CS
HQ Salons Spas ED
Hue, an Aveda Lifestyle Salon and Spa CS
Indigo Home for Hair and Body GRO
Indigo Salon and Day Spa GRO
Indra Salon and City Spa CS
Interlocks Salon and Day Spa ED
Jade Aveda Salon RET, C&B
Jenni’s Salon and Spa ED
Jerry Heston Hairdressing ENV, MKT
Jolie Salon and Day Spa C&B, CS
Jón Alan Salon GRO, CS
Jordan Thomas Salon and Spa MKT
Josephine’s Day Spa and Salon
Jungle Red Salon INV
Karen Allen Salon and Spa GRO, RET
La Jolie Salon TECH, R&T
Ladies and Gentlemen Salon Spa
Landis Lifestyle Salon ENV, R&T, RET
Lasting Impression Hair Design C&B
Lemon Lime GRO, R&R
Life SalonSpa Halifax INV
Light Salon and Spa TECH
Liquid Hair Salon GRO, ENV
The Loft Hair Design INV, ED, ENV
The Loft Salon and Day Spa GRO
Luxe Salon GRO, R&T, ED, INV
Mane Attraction Salon CS, RET, INV
Mango Salon GRO, C&B, R&R, R&T, ED, MKT, ENV, INV
Marshall and Company Hair Design Studio GRO
Matt Wayne Salon GRO
Matthew Michaels Salon & Spa Experience GRO
Maude R&T, TECH
Mauricio Fregoso Salon GRO, C&B, CS, MKT
Maximum FX Salons Spas MKT, R&R, CS, RET, INV,
Metro for Men MKT
Misbehaven Spa and Salon GRO
Modern Salon and Spa MKT, ENV, INV
Modern Wave Salon and Spa GRO
Natural Alternatives Salon and Spa GRO
Natural Concepts Salon and Day Spa
Navii Salon Spa CS
Neroli Salon and Spa GRO, C&B
New Reflections Spa Salon GRO
Nurtur the Salon RET
Oasis Salon and Day Spa GRO
Panache Salon and Spa GRO
Paris Parker ENV, C&B, R&T, ED
Parlor R&T
Paul Kenneth Salon and Spa GRO, ED
Payton Place Salon GRO, RET
Peter Thomas Hair R&T
Phia Salon GRO
Planet Hair R&T
Planet Salon GRO
Pure Aveda Salonspa ENV, RET
Pure Concept Salon and Spa ENV
Pure Natur Salon and Spa GRO
Pyara Spa and Salon GRO
Pzazz MKT
Randolph’s Salon ED, MKT
Red 7 Salon R&R, CS, R&T
Rejuvenation Spa C&B
Richard Salon of Smithtown GRO, MKT, INV
Rituals Salon-Spa GRO, C&B
Rumors Salon and Spa MKT
Ryan Thomas Hair Studio GRO
Sagittarius Salon and Spa TECH, ED
Salon 01 ED
Salon Art-Tiff RET, MKT
Salon Laurie and Company RET
Salon Orange Moon GRO
Salon Soca ENV
Salon Truth GRO
Salon Visio RET
Salon Vox MKT
Salon West of Largo GRO
Salon Ya Ya GRO
Salonamour C&B
Samuel Cole Salon GRO, C&B, ED, RET
Satori: A Salon/Spa/Shopping Experience
Savvy Salon and Day Spa INV, RET
Schardein and Co. GRO, R&T, ED
Shibui GRO
Signatures Salon ED
Silhouette Hair Design R&R
Simplicity Salon and Spa GRO
Solaris R&R
Spa Ni’Joli and Salon GRO
Spa-dee-dah, too! GRO
Splash Hair Studio C&B
Square One Salon and Spa GRO, CS
The Studio for Hair RET, MKT
Studio Gaven MKT
Sun Day’s Salon and Spa R&R
Tangerine Salons GRO, TECH
Total Look Salons and Academy R&R
Totally Chic Salon and Spa GRO
Travis Parker Salon ED
Tribeca ColorSalon GRO
Tru Salon ENV
Twin Image Salon Spa C&B
Tyler Mason Salon Spa C&B
Urban Trends SalonSpa GRO
Valentino’s Grande Salon INV, R&R, R&T, ED, MKT, TECH, ENV, RET
Vanity Salon GRO
Varuna Aveda Salon Spa ENV
Vero Salon and Spa GRO
Veronica Stone Salon GRO
Vito Mazza Salon and Spa C&B
Wax Poetic TECH, ED, MKT, INV
Westend Hair Co. and Day Spa R&R
Wildflowers Salon GRO
William Edge Hair.Skin.Body GRO
The Wingate Salon and Spa TECH
Wisteria Salon Spa RET, ED, INV, TECH
You Salon GRO, INV
Zanya Spa Salon RET
Zender’s Salon and Spa GRO


Salon Today 200 Profiles

*Although many salons captured multiple honors, they each are profiled once in the ST200 issue. The following are PDF files. If you are unable to open PDF files, first download Adobe Acrobat Reader for free by clicking here.

ST200 Criteria

To be eligible for consideration in ST200 for 2010, salons had to meet the following criteria:

Establishment: The salon or spa opened on or before January 1, 2007.

Professionalism: The salon is primarily a provider of professional salon or spa services including, but not limited to, one or more of the following: hair care, skin care, body care and spa treatments.

Volume: The salon/spa generated annual service and product sales revenues of at least $250,000 per year since 2007.

Willingness to share: The owner completed the applicant information portion of the form, providing statistical information about the business, and completed at least one of the Best Practice sections.

Verification: If the applicant competed in the growth category, the owner submitted documentation to verify financials for 2007 and 2008.

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