Waste Management

Keune's Cream Bleach and Magic Blonde

Plastic is durable, doesn't break and provides versatile packaging options. It's also recyclable! But not everyone recycles, and excess plastic packaging isn't a good thing.

Keune has found a way to help combat the problem. The color company is packaging their Cream Bleach and Magic Blonde products in refills. Once a salon has made an initial purchase of either product in a 500g black plastic container, Keune offers refills, packaged two 500g units per box. The 500g baggie can be dropped into the empty plastic container. It's not only good for the environment, but also for the salon's budget. The salon saves roughly 25 percent per 500g of product by reusing the original plastic container.

For more information on Keune, visit www.keune.com.

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