Just one look at the building that houses BangZ Salon and Wellness Spa (www.bangz.net) in Montclair, New Jersey, and you wouldn't be surprised to learn it served as a Masonic Temple for more than a century. With its original arches still intact, refurbished stained-glass windows and eight of the original church pews (now covered in faux-ostrich leather), owners Richard Cronk and Dominick Sansevero had the goal of maintaining the original architecture as much as possible.

BangZ Salon: A Former Masonic Temple
"The interior is a reflection of the warmth of the original dark woods, stone, brick and arches from the 120-year-old building. Belvedere equipment further enhances the ambiance by complementing those features and adding a contemporary touch to this traditional building. All of the millwork was finished in a dark wood with accents of stainless steel. The reception desk and coffee bar were made with a backlit custom glass to complement the earth tones of the grand space."

BangZ Salon: A Former Masonic Temple
"This is the view from the balcony, which shows part of the 38 styling stations along the perimeter of the great room, which is backlit by stained glass. Here you can see the six-person island stations and the shampoo area. The open floor plan allows for flow, mobility and communication among the clients and staff."

BangZ Salon: A Former Masonic Temple
"The shampoo area was designed for maximum comfort and efficiency. The owners chose the Belvedere Comfort shampoo units, which have pivoting bowls and adjustable footrests. To add to the salon's charm, the dispensary is cleverly hidden behind a dark wood cabinet that displays hair products in a discreet and sophisticated way. It is just steps behind the shampoo bowls for convenient accessibility."

BangZ Salon: A Former Masonic Temple
"Walking through the spa corridor gives the feeling of being in a stone abbey. You are surrounded by its natural elements; the indirect soft lighting prepares you for the experience of the many soothing spa treatments available, which range from facials to make-up application."
 BangZ Salon: A Former Masonic Temple
Chieffo: "The view from the salon's office reveals the entire space. It shows the original church arches, pendant lights and stained-glass windows that have graced this building since it was built in 1889. Additional color-corrected lights were hung from the vaulted ceiling and sidewalls to ensure proper lighting for this upscale salon."

"Initially, the building was about 4,000-square feet with a dirt floor basement," Cronk says. "We removed all the wiring, plumbing and heating systems and rebuilt the addition on the back of the building all in cinderblock, and went up two additional stories."  When all was said and done, they were able to turn the space into 10,000-square feet without changing its perimeters.

The most difficult part of the construction, Cronk says, was bringing the old building up to code. "We were in construction for 27 months," he says. "We got to a point where I didn't think the job was going to get done."

With a final estimated cost of $3 million, the job did get done-and it turned out beautifully. "The salon came out exactly to our original vision," Cronk says.

Here, Salvatore Chieffo, Belvedere's Design Manager who oversaw the Bangz project from start to finish, points out the important elements of the design.

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