In the February issue of SALON TODAY, we summarized the results from the Design Essentials’ “Mane Attraction, Salon Experience Survey.” The survey examined how women plan to spend their beauty dollars in the new economy.

It’s worth analyzing the full results of the survey as you make 2009 decisions on how to alter in your salon, staff or management. In these times of uncertainty, knowing and accommodating clients needs is essential.

The Results:

How much time do you spend on your hair in the morning?
Under 10 minutes--45%
10-19 minutes--37%
20-29 minutes--10%
30-44 minutes--8%
More than 45 minutes--2%

How difficult is it to manage your hair?
Extremely difficult--4%
Somewhat difficult--22%
Not very difficult--43%
Not at all difficult--31%

Where do you find hair products for your hair type?
Beauty supply store--17%
Your hair salon--12%
Department store--3%
Hair salon other than the one you visit--2%
Specialty store--1%
Hair care brand website--1%
None of these--25%

How do you choose the majority of your hair products?
Reading the bottle--46%
Hair stylist recommendation--20%
Friend/family recommendation--10%
TV ad--7%

How easily do you find a hairstylist you’re satisfied with?
Extremely easily--21%
Somewhat easily--37%
Not very easily--27%
Not easily at all--15%

How many times a year do you visit a hair salon?
0 times--14%
1-2 times--16%
3-5 times--30%
6-9 times--18%
10-14 times--14%
15-19 times--2%
20 times or more--6%

About how much money do you spend per hair salon visit?
Less than $25--38%
$150 or more--2%

What is the most you would spend on a hair salon visit?
Less than $25—24%
$150 or more—7%

How long have you been going to the hair stylist with whom you had your last appointment?
Only once—19%
Under 6 months—16%
6 months-12 months—13%
13 months-2 years—9%
2-4 years—17%
5-10 years—14%
More than 10 years—12%

Which of the following most often influences when you schedule a hair appointment?
When I need a trim or treatment—32%
When I don’t like the way my hair looks anymore and need a change—24%
When I can afford it—17%
If it’s on my regular schedule (such as every three months)—11%
When I can fit it into my schedule—7%
When I have a special occasion coming up—2%
When something inspires me (such as a hair style magazine)—2%

Which of the following services or treatments, if any, have you gone to a hair salon for? Choose all that apply.
Regular maintenance (such as a wash or trim)—52%
Color, including highlights—44%
Permanent wave—27%

Which of the following treatments, if any, have you done at home? Choose all that apply.
Color, including highlights—52%
Regular maintenance (such as a wash or trim)—48%
None of these-I do not service my hair at home—21%

How often do you treat or service you hair at home?
More than once a month—5%
About once a month—18%
About every two months—21%
A few times a year—23%
Once a year—5%
Less than once a year—28%

Which of the following, if any, makes you return to the same hair salon after your first visit? Choose all that apply.
Quality of service—60%
Stylist knows how to take care of my hair type—50%
Location and convenience of salon—42%
Salon atmosphere—37%
Loyalty to my stylist—30%
Speed of service—30%
It’s the only salon I’m familiar with—6%
Perks of the salon (such as free coffee or wine)—6%
None of these—1%
I have never gone to the same salon twice—1%

Which, if any, is most likely to make you trust a stylist with your hair?
They are someone you’ve been going to for a long time—23%
They help me maintain healthy hair—23%
They give me undivided attention—13%
They have several years of experience—10%
They continue hair related education—8%
They are highly recommended—7%
They have a great personality—6%
They are in high demand—1%
They have impressive credentials—1%

Which of the following, if any, would make you go to a different hair stylist than your usual stylist? Choose all that apply.
I was dissatisfied with the way my hair turned out after my last visit to my usual stylist—37%
More affordable services—25%
If my typical stylist is unavailable—24%
If I was dissatisfied with the professionalism of my usual stylist—18%
A referral from a friend or relative—17%
More convenient salon—16%
Experience with my particular type of hair—13%
My usual stylist takes too long to service my hair—4%
I don’t have a usual stylist—4%
I would never go to a different stylist than my usual stylist—16%

Which of the following, if any, would you change about the salon you currently visit most often?
Price of services—28%
Amount of time each visit takes—8%
Amount of clients they serve at one time—5%
Amount or variety of services they offer—5%
Products they offer for purchase—2%
Products they use to shampoo and style my hair—2%
I wouldn’t change anything—41%

How likely or unlikely are you to tell your hair stylist you don’t like what they did to your hair?
Extremely likely—30%
Somewhat likely—38%
Not very likely—23%
Not at all likely—9%

Which of the following would you get the most use out of in learning how to manage your hair?
An in-person tutorial from my hair stylist—62%
An article in a magazine, newspaper or website—24%
A DVD to watch at home—14%

How satisfied are you with the amount of time your stylist spends on teaching you how to manage your hair and advising you about which products are best for your hair?
Extremely satisfied—41%
Somewhat satisfied—43%
Not very satisfied—11%
Not at all satisfied—6%

Which of the following textures best describes your hair? If more than one, choose the quality you have the most difficulty controlling.

Which of the following conditions do you struggle with most when it comes to your hair? If more than one, choose the condition you have the most difficulty controlling.
Split ends—14%
Fading color—11%

How long is your hair?
Short-the bottom of the hair lands anywhere above your shoulders—48%
Medium-the bottom of the hair lands between your shoulders and five inches below your shoulders—33%
Long-the bottom of your hair lands five inches below your shoulders or longer—19%

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