Take the Time

To boost your retail sales, consider offering an educational rather than a product-driven approach. Khuraira, founder of the make-up line and owner of the Tenafly, New Jersey, make-up boutique that both bear her name, says that although the internet gives consumers an abundance of information at their fingertips, it is the salon professional who can offer a hands-on experience.

"Some of my mature clients have come to me with complaints about dry skin and fine lines," says Khuraira.
"I not only take the time to explain how make-up products infused with peptides help to promote healthy skin moisture and improve skin texture, but show them how the products can be applied to reduce the appearance of fine lines and to strengthen pores."

Among her top tips:

Watch your client's body language. This is a good way to avoid being overly aggressive or overwhelming the client.  
Let the client decide. Don't hesitate to recommend a product or technique, but ultimately let her make the final choice.
Offer an educational approach. Encourage clients to fill their beauty arsenals with facts that will promote skin care habits for a flawless finish. This allows the product to speak for itself.

Stay on top of the latest techniques. Showing that you are not only knowledgeable about the product, but are aware of the market, will enable you to gain the rapport needed to take your client to the next level.

Offer complimentary learning sessions. This will not only make clients feel like they are getting the extra sessions to become a "pro" at their favorite technique, but it will encourage them to come back.

 Educate, don't sell, your salon clients

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