Glinty details in this NYC salon evoke a sense of old Hollywood.


De Berardinis Salon

  • Owner: Adrian De Berardinis
  • Website:
  • Location: New York, New York
  • Opened: November 2007
  • Total square feet: 2,200
  • Salon setup: 16 color and styling stations
  • Construction time: 3 months
  • Construction cost: $700,000
  • Equipment/installations: Takara Belmont chairs, custom white lacquer furniture

The Gold Standard: De Berardinis Salon, NY

Gold accents add luxury and drama to the luminescent white salon.


The Gold Standard: De Berardinis Salon, NY

Guests are greeted by an elegant, gleaming reception desk.


When the son of the owner of Greenwich, Connecticut's De Berardinis Salon opened a second outpost in Manhattan's chic Chelsea neighborhood, he not only decided against making it a carbon copy of the original salon's decor-he went in the opposite direction. While the Greenwich salon is marked by dark woods, rich textures and a classic feel, the New York location was designed to be a light, bright haven.

"I wanted it to be stylish yet approachable-like a home or an elegant lounge, but not too stuffy," says owner Adrian De Berardinis.

Under the direction of interior designer/socialite Celerie Kemble, the result is an airy salon with accents reminiscent of old Hollywood, such as golden wall fixtures, multiple chandeliers and brushed metal mirrors. The clean lines of the white lacquer furniture-designed by De Berardinis himself-and the crisp, white salon chairs add a touch of elegance.

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