Displaying products can be tough if you’re not sure what should go where. And how do you get clients to understand all your product lines?

When you put a product line out, your goal is not to display, but to explain, says Peter Millard, owner of Millard Design and the author of Reinventing Space: The Clear Logic to Successful Salon Design and Retail Merchandising.

“Take the time to add descriptions about what products can do for your clients. You attract attention by displaying signs that read something like, ‘Need volume?’ Even if the client doesn’t have that specific problem, it will trigger them to ask about their own needs.”

Put your very best sellers at eye level and in the window, continues Millard. And, amplify your successful products. “If I were a salon owner, I would bolster my financial stability by increasing my sales. If you specialize in color, then double the amount of color protecting products you carry—it tells the customer that this is a big deal. When you have conviction about something, put it out there.”

Millard also advises owners to use images in their displays, because clients are attracted to beautiful people.

“Whenever possible, make the effort to add a framed photograph of a person showing the effects of the product you are selling and place it right next to the product and shelf talker that tells what the product does.”

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