Business is booming but your stylists still aren’t selling. Use these tips to turn them into the best retail salespeople around.

  1. Offer new incentives. If their commission is normally 12% on retail, change it up for the month of July. Do they normally sell around 20 units a month? Give them 15% commission on anything over 20 units.
  2. Make it a group effort. Create some healthy competition in your salon. Have a blue team and a red team (or pink and purple, whatever you want!) and pit them against each other to see who sells the most. The winners get a summer outing!
  3. Go back to basics. Do you have some staffers who still struggle with basic sales techniques? Take a night every week after the salon closes to do some role playing so they’ll be more at ease with selling to your clients.
  4. Make a clean sweep. Rearrange your retail shelves! Add a new line or take one away; arrange products to be at eye level; or create an area where clients can play with products.
  5. Create buzz. Build a shelf just for your employees’ favorite products. Change it weekly or monthly to feature the staffs’ current favorites. Don’t forget to include a notecard that says whose favorite it is and why she loves it!

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