Your retail shelves started off beautiful. And even though you spend time every day straightening and cleaning, they just look cluttered. Here are five ways to combat the clutter.

  1. Organize, organize, organize. Whether it’s by product line, by sku or even by color, figure out a system that makes shopping simple for clients and restocking easy for you.
  2. Get on the right level. Products that are too low won’t be seen. Products too high won’t be reached. Try to get all your retail at eye level and reaching distance. The easier it is to grab a product, the more likely the client is to walk away with it.
  3. Eliminate the baskets. You’re not Bath and Body Works. Big baskets of products sitting on the floor look cluttered, not professional. You’re selling high-end products. Give them a high-end, clean display.
  4. Re-evaluate your lines: Too many lines can not only look cluttered, but also be daunting to the customer. Take a look at what you’re carrying. Do you need every line you have on your shelves? Pare down to create a better shopping experience. On the flip side: Do you need to carry more lines? Maybe your salon has a niche you are not serving. If that’s the case, look into adding another line.
  5. Make-up mayhem: A make-up line is a great idea. But be careful where you put it. Make sure your make-up is separated from the regular retail, complete with a place for customers to play!

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