Freshen-Up StaffAre your employees feeling ho-hum? Do you have a few stylists in need of a positive attitude? Is the attire in your work place starting to push the limits? Try these ideas to give your staff a spring cleaning!

Problem: A lackluster staff.

Solution: Get your stylists excited about coming to work with an impromptu education session. Bring in a guest artist who can teach an avant garde style and interpret it for real clients.

Problem: A key stylist is poisoning the staff with her bad attitude.

Solution: Give her something positive to talk about. Is she passionate about the environment? Create a "green" committee and put her in charge. Maybe she excels at retail. Ask her to mentor another stylist who is struggling in that area.

Problem: Stylists' all-black attire is starting to fade into drab grays and they're complaining about the boring dress code.

Solution: Offer your staff a one-month trial period where they can wear what they want. Set guidelines and reaffirm the fact that they are trendsetters and their appearance should reflect this at all times.


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