Spa Retailing for Men

Retailing in the spa can be even more complicated than the salon. Most men are going for regular hair cuts, but getting them as regular spa clients and then retailing spa products can be a bit trickier.


Get Technical

Since the traditional word-of-mouth doesn't connect men the same way it does women, marketing to the male clientele can present a unique challenge. Bodé Spa in Ottawa uses its website to lure men in: "We work at it very hard, making it as informative as possible," says owner Daniel Francoeur.

The site features a "shop at Bode Spa" section with an easy-to-navigate product section complete with photos and features and benefits. Men can peruse at their leisure and purchase online if they'd rather not be caught buying spa products out in public.

Francoeur also has found his clientele is responsive to e-mail advertising, and the spa strives to send out informative monthly newsletters that offer information and trends, rather than sales pitches.

In Washington D.C.'s Andre Chreky's successful quarterly newsletters, a special section and a promotion for men is always featured. "We use a Q&A section that tries to address issues that are embarrassing for men to ask, such as ‘What can I do about my hairy back?' or ‘How can I treat in-grown hairs?'" says owner Serena Chreky. "We find that our female clients tend to share these informational tidbits with their husbands."

And of course, once the male has experienced the service, the opportunity to retail is there.

Gift Card Opportunities

Naturally, gift cards are popular for Christmas, Valentine's Day and Father's Day, but look at how your business is packaging that gift. "We recently did an e-mail blast that showcased our more feminine gift card in contrast to our masculine one that features a background of black river stones. We constantly are featuring new designs on our gift cards to keep them fresh and interesting, but you always need one that appeals to your men," points out Chreky.

Give 'em Proof

Like women, men are results driven. If you can show them how a product will improve their skin over time or smooth out shaving bumps, they will be more likely to buy.

Testimonials are effective as well. Get quotes from male clients who have been pleased with your product line. Put them in a brochure and point them out to more hesitant clients. Have before and after photos? Even better.

Spa Retailing for Men Spa Retailing for Men

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