1. Give them a deal they can't refuse. Create a promotion that is so attractive to your clients, you know they won't be able to resist. For example, if you have a lot of teen clients gearing up for spring break, create a "Love Your Toes" pedicure for Valentine's Day with a discounted manicure included. Is your clientele full of baby boomers who depend on their regular color appointments? Throw in a 15% discount on color-safe products the week of Valentine's Day.
  2. Twice the fun. Valentine's Day is all about couples. But don't limit yourself to couples' massages with chocolates and champagne. Although you should definitely include it on your Valentine's menu, think out of the box as well. A couples' pedicure for two best friends or facials for a mom and daughter are a great offer, too!
  3. Get romantic. You've marketed your salon and spa to all your male clients and all your female clients' significant others. Now take your customer service to the next level and make these men shine! Have cards available for them to purchase and let them know that for an extra fee, flowers, champagne, chocolates or anything else they desire will be provided for their sweetie!
  4. Turn ordinary into extraordinary. February 14 is a Thursday this year. To ensure every client who comes into the salon that day feels special, order some heart-shaped cookies from your local bakery or fill up goodie bags with candy hearts to give away. Small gestures make for a memorable experience.
  5. Love your stylists. Valentine's Day is the perfect time to show your staff how much you appreciate them. Cater in lunch that day or let them take a break from their basic black and don red and pink. Little things add up to a positive work environment.


Top Five Ways to Create a Special Valentine’s Day

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