Get a head start on organizing your business for 2008 with our January to-do list! Although the busiest time of the year has just passed, you still have plenty to do during the first few weeks of 2008. Here are a few suggestions

• Facility upkeep

Even a salon that’s kept sparkling clean has its dark underbelly. All of that lint and those hair spray particles have to go somewhere, and if you clean out your caked-up vents and ceiling air intakes each month you’ll have a good idea where it goes. During heating season, you also may have to change filters every month on your furnace or perform other recommended maintenance.

•Accounting upkeep

Monthly reports form a cornerstone of business computer programs. Payroll, inventory and, of course, profits—both net and gross—are easy to digest and analyze when you review them month by month.

• Marketing upkeep.

Consult your Chamber of Commerce, and note the date of each month’s meeting. Then actually try to attend! Set a time of the month to change your newspaper ad, your monthly website specials, your mini-display in the mall or any other rotating teaser you have out there.

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