Time for the annual office party … or better yet, salon party! You want to make it special, but also keep it within budget and under control. Here’s a guideline to a memorable, fun evening for your staff without going broke or regretting it the next day. 

What: Your annual holiday party.

• Change it up this year with a fun theme, like “celebrity style.”

• Ask each employee to submit five of their favorite celebrity style photos from the past year.

• Then have them submit the top three celebrity hair styles they get requested from clients.

• Create a bulletin board featuring all the celebs and a top ten list featuring the most requested styles.

• Create contests by having staffers guess who chose which star styles as their favorites and which celebrity’s style was the most requested by clients. Offer prizes to the winners.


When: EarlyJanuary. If you’re a traditionalist, by all means, throw your party in mid-December. However, keep in mind it’s your busiest time of the year. The slower month of January will be a less stressful time to throw your party and you’ll also find more availability at local restaurants and bars for party space.

Where: This depends entirely on the size of your staff and what you’re comfortable with. If you have a small staff of ten or 15, you may want to have a low-key open house in your home. Have a larger, younger staff looking to let loose? Definitely book a private room at a bar or restaurant.


Who: If you are going to extend the invitation to significant others, make it clear whether or not children are invited. If it is for the staff only, make that clear as well.


How: Partys aren’t cheap. This should be part of your budgeting process at the beginning of the year. The money should be set aside and ready to go. Stick to your budget! It’s tempting to go over in the spirit of the season, but you’ll regret it in the new year.

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