How to Tackle a Tough Chat
How to Tackle a Tough Chat

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As a coach, speaker, trainer, author and podcaster, effective communication is the number one tool in my toolbox. No matter the conversation I’m having with my coaching clients, we always circle back on the best way to manage a difficult conversation. Examples of this conversation could include if you want to change a policy, introduce a new customer experience, need to address an employee issue or discuss a culture or brand issue at a team meeting.

Often, the challenge is how to start or where to begin. I share my coaching process, The Communication Qube™, as a framework for breakthrough dialogues and creative problem-solving.

Start with the end in mind. What is the ultimate outcome you aim for, and what is the possibility that it will align with your values? The next step is to emotionally connect and have empathy for the person or circumstance. Create a foundation of understanding by sharing a story.  Then provide the technical process and details or give them a voice to problem-solve it themselves. Follow that by engaging in social connection for the buy-in. For example, how can they make their life easier or make more money? Finally, cement the strategy to be implemented. For more, visit (Make this a live link)

Like learning any new technique, excellent communication skills also can be learned. This process is effective for all leadership and provider/client communications. I challenge you to try it out.

I have supported leaders in this process for years, and offer an SOS On-call Service. If you need urgent help with a problem, send me an SOS Text.

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