"I firmly believe that knowledge is power, and every stylist has the potential to play a crucial...

"I firmly believe that knowledge is power, and every stylist has the potential to play a crucial role in creating a safe space for their clients."

Patrice Arriaga

In the fast-paced world of beauty and style, trends come and go, but some carry a deeper meaning than what meets the eye. One such trend that has sparked curiosity and conversations is the "Angel Cut." It's not just a fashionable hairstyle; it's a silent cry for help, a lifeline for those experiencing domestic violence. In this blog post, we unravel the origin of the Angel Cut, its significance, and how stylists can play a crucial role in supporting clients in distress.

The Genesis of the Angel Cut

The Angel Cut emerged from the creative mind of stylist Leda Fazel, who, in 2022, shared a TikTok video that would soon become a viral sensation. Inspired by the significance of ordering an "Angel Shot" at a bar, Leda coined the term "Angel Cut" as a covert signal within the hairstyling community. This simple yet powerful phrase holds the potential to bring awareness and assistance to those silently suffering.

Decoding the Angel Cut

So, what does it mean when a client asks for an "Angel Cut" or an "Angel Cut with layers"? According to Leda's TikTok revelation, these requests are not about aesthetics but are urgent pleas for help.

  • Angel Cut: This signifies that the client is in immediate danger, and intervention, possibly involving the police, is necessary.
  • Angel Cut with layers: This code indicates that the client is being forced to get a haircut against their will. In this situation, stylists are empowered to refuse service and potentially prevent further harm.

Extending a Helping Hand

Recognizing the importance of providing tangible support, Leda also created a network of assistance for those in need. Stylists encountering clients seeking an Angel Cut can take proactive steps:

  • Offer information on the 24/7 National Domestic Violence Hotline: Clients can reach out via text by sending "START" to 88788 or by calling 800-799-7233.
  • Connect clients with local community resources: Volunteering or supporting local organizations can make a significant impact. The National Domestic Violence Hotline's website provides a comprehensive list of Local Resources for Survivors that may urgently require your involvement. Check it out here Local Resources for Survivors | The Hotline | Domestic Violence


Creating Safe Spaces

As a stylist, our role extends beyond the chair. Transforming your salon into a safe haven is a powerful way to contribute to the Angel Cut movement. Encourage open communication, display informational materials discreetly, and foster a judgment-free environment.

In the world of beauty and wellness, the Angel Cut is more than a trend; it's a symbol of hope and solidarity. By staying informed, spreading awareness, and actively participating in the support network, stylists can make a lasting impact on the lives of those facing domestic violence. Let the Angel Cut signify not just a stylish transformation but a step towards freedom and empowerment.

Together, let's make the Angel Cut more than a hairstyle — it's a lifeline.

About the Author: Patrice Arriaga 

I am a Licensed Cosmetologist, dedicating my days to a fulfilling role at a Specialty Chemical Company, where I evaluate haircare and skincare products on live panelists. I am passionate about my job, reveling in the opportunity to contribute to the beauty and wellness industry.

Additionally, I am a student at Mesa Community College in AZ, pursuing a degree in Beauty and Wellness through its AAS program. My educational journey is set to continue at Arizona State University in September, 2024, where I will be pursuing a BAS in Health, Entrepreneurship, Innovation, with a focus on Personal Care.

Driven by my past experiences, I have developed a keen interest in understanding and addressing Domestic Violence. I have obtained a few certifications in DV awareness, learning to identify signs and refer individuals to appropriate resources. Currently, I am awaiting training to become a DV Response Team member in my town.

This semester, I was tasked with creating a blog for my English class. Through this process, I redirected my focus towards raising awareness for DV victims and survivors. The articles I am crafting extend beyond the realms of the beauty industry. My mission is to educate stylists by providing comprehensive resources and access to training, enabling them to recognize and respond to signs of Domestic Violence.

I firmly believe that knowledge is power, and every stylist has the potential to play a crucial role in creating a safe space for their clients.

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Originally posted on Modern Salon

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