Whitney Power is the director of Product Marketing at Everyware.

Whitney Power is the director of Product Marketing at Everyware

In today's digital age, the smartphone has evolved into more than just a communication device. It's our personal assistant, scheduler, travel companion, and even our source of entertainment during those salon visits—whether waiting for a quick trim or enduring a lengthy coloring session.

Clients, engrossed in their screens, aren't just catching up on the latest gossip or watching videos; they're connecting with the world in real-time. Now, imagine harnessing that connectivity to revolutionize the salon experience. Beyond its usual roles, the smartphone is poised to transform how salons communicate with clients and process payments, making it an indispensable tool in the modern beauty industry.

To make for loyal, repeat customers – not one-time visitors – salons should aim high when it comes to their reputation as a business, not just their talents. Having an aggressive marketing strategy that incorporates texting customers improves efficiency and shows clients they’ll be served well and quickly.

In today’s fast-paced world, customer retention is a top priority, and savvy salon owners know that the best way to reach their base and secure loyalty is to communicate information about coupons, text-club-only discounts, and other specials to pique a customer’s interest and increase sales. Texting between consumer and businessowner has proven to be a secure way to retain customer loyalty while at the same time enabling them to pay for services right away. Let’s explore why.

Security and Confidence

Text messaging is easy, secure, and affordable for businesses, and it’s a natural way for them to market themselves to consumers. Pay By Text enables customers to quickly pay for salon services from their phone without needing to grab a purse or wallet and swipe a card. Information is safely stored and quickly available to provide payment – tip included as well.

Consumers that use Pay By Text represent a critical source of revenue for small businesses, as statistics show that participation in this two-way digital form of communication can be the trigger for higher revenue – text messages have a 98% open rate (Gartner). By integrating this with management software, salons not only enhance customer loyalty but also boost their brand's visibility and trust.

Endless Opportunities

Pay By Text enables salons to open a new channel of communication with its customers and frankly, it’s like setting up shop on any phone around the world. A person is only one text away from creating a connection that leads to a sale. In fact, 48% of consumers prefer direct communications via text messaging (Messente).

Another great plus is that repeat customers know the value of this type of communication and how it affords them special opportunities. The bottom line is that it gives shops the upper hand and provides unbeatable convenience to customers.

Better Than Traditional Payment Methods

Paying by cash, check, or credit card is the tradition, and only 16% of small businesses now offer more than those three options (SmallBizTrends). Incorporating Pay By Text might feel like an extension of those current methods but it’s more than that. It’s convenient. For example, what happens if a salon’s internet goes down? The simple solution is for them to send (via text) a payment link and a customer can pay right away – missing no transactions.

Pay By Text is rapidly becoming the preferred payment of the future. Taking advantage of its possibilities are beneficial to both salon owners and their customers – which are already staying ahead on the latest trends when it comes to beauty style.

About the Author: Whitney Power is the Director of Product Marketing at Everyware, a leading customer engagement, billing, and payments company based in Austin, Texas. Launched in 2015, the company provides services to more than 9,000 merchants across multiple verticals including healthcare, travel, utilities, not-for-profit, and automotive. The platform provides a simple, fast, and secure way to move money while enhancing the ability for merchants to communicate with their customers in real-time with text messaging. It saves them money by improving cash flow and reducing paper billing costs, chargebacks, and fraud. For more information about Everyware, visit Everyware.com or follow on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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