Karen Gordon Takes the Helm on New Education Program for Takara Belmont USA
Karen Gordon Takes the Helm on New Education Program for Takara Belmont USA

Takara Belmont USA has announced its launch of YUME Head Spa Education Program, an innovative education initiative for hair and scalp care treatments and services, and the company has tapped industry expert Karen Gordon to lead the program. This education aims to empower salon professionals by providing them with a comprehensive range of courses, workshops, and seminars to expand their skillset and expertise.

"We are thrilled to have Karen onboard to lead the charge with such a transformative education program,” says Koji Orita, Executive Vice President at Takara Belmont USA. “Karen's trichology expertise, industry insights, and extensive knowledge of our YUME Head Spa services provide the ideal blend of elements to establish a truly world-class education program.”

Gordon completed rigorous training with a master head spa educator in Japan before spearheading Takara Belmont's development of the new, structured learning program and building a network of educators across the country. Participants will receive training on proper consultation techniques relevant to scalp and hair care and learn how to tailor their service offerings to their specific location and competitive setting.

"Having had the privilege of experiencing this exceptional service firsthand in Japan, I recognized the pressing need to introduce this service to the US market to meet the rapidly growing demand for hair and scalp care treatment,” Gordon says. “Today, clients are deeply devoted to mental and physical wellness. Through a hands-on education program, we have an opportunity to help stylists and cosmetologists embrace this shift in mindset and stay at the forefront of the industry with an exceptional service experience.”

The YUME Head Spa Education Program marks a significant milestone for the company as it continues to expand offerings and provide value to customers. With the program's launch at a fully booked seminar on May 21 at Takara Belmont's New York showroom, beauty professionals will have the opportunity to hone their expertise and augment their service menus. Check the Takara Belmont website for registration information on upcoming opportunities for hands-on training at other showrooms.

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