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Unleashing the Future of Beauty

ROLF’s Higher Education Degree Program for Beauty Professionals Goes Global
ROLF’s Higher Education Degree Program for Beauty Professionals Goes Global

Lead | ROLFS Global Institute powered by L’Oréal USA Professional Products and pioneered by ROLFS Global CEO, Francis Tesmer, continues to unlock endless opportunities for entrepreneurs and beauty professionals globally.

Lead's game-changing college and university degree pathway, offering an Associate’s in Applied Science in Beauty and Wellness, followed by a Bachelor of Applied Science in Health, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation with an emphasis on personal care has inspired professionals around the nation to pursue higher education, and take their careers to the next level.

Since the program’s inception, licensed beauty professionals have been awarded up to 30 credit hours towards their college degree, offering the fastest and most affordable degree program.

With its global launch, Lead is excited to extend the same pathway to every beauty professional around the globe.

Empowering women worldwide, especially in some of the most remote and disadvantaged areas, is at the heart of the Lead program and by Fall of 2023, Lead’s degree pathway will be translated into 9 different languages [Spanish, French, Portuguese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Hindi, Arabic, Thai]. To further support women, Lead has awarded over one million dollars in scholarships and is committed to removing any obstacles of beauty professionals having access to the future they deserve.

"L’Oréal USA Professional Products is committed to elevating the professional beauty industry, changing the worlds perception of the beauty professional, and showing that this is a viable and rewarding profession through our support for Lead.” – Matthew Whitworth-Howe, Assistant Vice President of PPD Business Development

This year, Lead will be launching the world’s first documentary designed to educate and change the perception of the beauty profession, its viability and global impact. 

Learn more at leadinstitute.degree

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