How 2020 is Shaping Consumer Behavior in 2021
How 2020 is Shaping Consumer Behavior in 2021

Have you been putting any thought into what the post-pandemic business landscape will look like?

Let’s take a look at how consumer behavior has been re-shaped by 2020, and what this means to us as business owners as we learn to navigate 2021.

We all know it takes 21 days to form a new habit or behavior. Like it or not, we have been forced into new habits and behaviors for the last 12 months. Willingly or unwillingly, it's just the way we do life now. Therefore, we (consumers) have learned new ways to operate in our daily lives.

Consumer trends of 2020 are massively influencing the 2021 customer's level of engagement and spending decisions.

If you are asking yourself...

“Why do I need to understand trends and human behavior?" and  "What’s that got to do with doing hair or operating a salon?”

The answer is these changes will greatly influence your business growth or lack thereof.

The 'big talk' right now refers to the importance of "local." You might be thinking “Yeah, I know that, it’s been the trend for some time now!” I’m here to challenge the thinking of the traditional way in which we interpret “local." Local is now evolved into “locally or location."

What do I mean? The most important location is home! Currently home is the anchor in everyone’s life. Many of us work from home, school at home, gym at home and have all types of deliverables to home. Home is the safest place we can be. This has turned “local” into “locally/location."

Research shows that 53% of consumers are working from home at least part time. 41% of them will continue to work from home going forward in to 2021. This is nearly half of your clientele!

I know you agree with me when I say that 2020 has reshaped our thinking and our behaviors, we are forever changed. The world is forever changed. The top industries that will continue to feel the impact of these changes are media, entertainment, package goods, travel, hospitality and retail. I consider salons part of these exact categories.

Not only have behaviors changed, but so have expectations. They have been reshaped and the reshaping will evolve consumer interactions.

The success of our business in 2021 will depend on the next Four Factors......

Factor #1 - Ease of Convenience: Online is non-negotiable!

Factor #2 - Access: It is important to build multiple ways in which your clients have access to you and your services.

Factor #3 - Connectivity: This means connection to your brand,

Factor #4 - Safety: A safe environment is crucial!

These four factors are crucial in how we evolve the consumer experience. Engaging in all four will determine when and if our clients choose to reengage with us and invest their money in our services and experiences.

Here comes the good news! As we move into a safer world people are ready and are craving personal connection and safe experiences.

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How 2020 is Shaping Consumer Behavior in 2021
How 2020 is Shaping Consumer Behavior in 2021

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