According to a new research study from Garnier, the average American woman feels she's aged almost four years over the course of 2020.

A survey of 2,000 women found 65% believe they've aged more during 2020 than in a normal--due to stress from the pandemic. In fact, 52% of respondents believe they've gone gray faster during quarantine than they would have otherwise. Results revealed 42% found new gray hairs duing quarantine, and of those, 46% said they found their first gray hair while stuck at home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Commissionined by Garnier hair color and conducted by One Poll, the survey delvd into women's hair color during the pandemic, looking past gray hair to see what style change these consumers made in 2020. 

The survey found a third of women surveyed (33%) dyed their hair at home during the pandemic--of those 85% said it wa an effort to cover up their grays. But that's not the only reason they dyed their hair--many did so because they wanted to make a change with their hair (44%) or because they were bored and looking for something to do (32%).


Eighty percent also said they dyed their hair themselves, without any help from others. When learning to dye their hair, respondents most commonly turned to the internet and social media. Instagram was a top choice for respondents (30%), followed by Twitter (30%) or another website online 929%0. 

"Even though nost of us have swapped in-person meetings with virtual video chats, our hair is still one of the first things other people notice about us, which can make trying at-home hair color for the first time an intimidating experience," said Patty Slattery, assistant VP of technical training and education at Garnier. 

Twenty-eight percent of those who dyed their hair during quarantine said they thought it was a good change to dye their hair since they weren't going to work or to the office any time soon.  And, some took advantage of this time at home to try a color they might not have otherwise (37%). 

Results also found 555 of those who dyed their hair at home during quarantinge decided to try a bold color for the first time--and 31% said they're "very likely" to turn to a bold color again next year. 

For those who dyed their hair during the quarantine, 35% said it was their first time dying their hair at home. 

What inspired respondents to first dye their hair at home during quarantine?

  • ​53% said it was because their roots were showing
  • 46% said their previous haircolor was fading
  • 44% wanted to make a change
  • 40% said their salon was closed and their hair needed upkeep
  • 32% said they were bored and were looing for something to do

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