As COVID-19 cases continue to spike across the county, salons are facing further capacity restrictions, and in some cases even mandated closures. Owners have reported many cases of generous clients tipping their favorite stylists to help ease their financial burdens. The tip management app, Tippy, is making that easier with TippyGo, a feature that helps maintain communications between clients and their service professionals, while helping the professionals financially.

TippyGo allows clients to tip their service professionals at any time, from anywhere, with the simple share of a QR code or link. Tippy has made this service free for anyone who would like to use it.

“When we launched it back in March, the positivity and support that it created was overwhelming. Not only were clients generously tipping their stylists to help them get through the hard times, but we developed a feature that allowed clients to leave a personal message also,” says Tippy Founder Terry McKim. “We realized that it's these little things that help such a passionate and loving industry push through the tough times. We have an immense drive to help our community and genuinely want to provide this opportunity to as many people as we can.”

TippyGo is on a global mission to help tipped workers in an emerging cashless society, help businesses retain their best employees and help customers say thank you for a job well done. All the client has to do is scan the TippyGo QR code with their phone camera. Once scanned, the tipping page opens and within a few taps, the employee is tipped. The app gives the client an option to create a custom message. The tip is deposited into the employee’s bank account.

There are a number of ways salons and stylists can get the TippyGo QR code in their clients’ hands. Clients can scan it when they are visiting the salon, salons can include it on the bottom of their receipts, it can be texted to clients, it can be posted on a salon’s website or social media, and it can be printed on business cards.

“We teamed up with TippyGO once we reopened after COVID shutdown and we are so pleased with the service,” says Paige C., COO at Design 1 Salon and Spa. “It has allowed our clients to not only tip at the desk but also from home. Our staff likes the software too because they can log on and see who tips them, the money is directly deposited into their bank account and they can easily run tip reports for their taxes. This allows the staff to have full control of their tips.”

Want to see how TippyGo works, watch the product demonstration

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