NAMASTE Fargo, North Dakota

When Paula Eberhardt moved her five-year-old salon to a bigger location in Fargo, North Dakota, in December, she also wanted a new name to reflect its evolution from an individual-centered operation to a big-picture experience “We now focus on the whole,” says Eberhardt “We are all part of bigger things. We are all related and we wanted to recognize that.” She chose Namaste, a Sanskrit blessing or greeting, which means, “The divine in me recognizes and honors the divine in you, the place where we are one.”

The name was truly an inspiration “I was praying and I said ‘I need a name. Can you help me?’” Later that day, “Namaste” popped into Eberhardt’s head. Immediately, she felt it summed up her salon’s philosophy. Now, the Middle Eastern theme has transformed her salon into an exotic destination, with tasseled velveteen swag curtains and a purple floor and ceiling Because of her corner location, there are exterior signs on two sides of the building that read Namaste. “I love that because it’s like saying hello and bless you to everyone who comes by,” she says.

Local clients may have some trouble pronouncing the name, but it’s those who understand what it means that are the most confounded. Explains Eberhardt, “We have Middle Eastern people come in all the time who want to meet the owner. It’s funny because I’m Norwegian. They always give me a strange look—but I just tell them I borrowed their language because it’s exactly what I wanted to say.”


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