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We asked our Facebook audience recently the following question about salon design: “If you could go back in time and redesign one aspect of your present salon, what would it be and why?"

“The one thing I would change is our entire styling area. Our stylists are so busy and there's just not enough space. The space should allow 12 stylists but only allows 9-10, our outlets are on the floor and there is not enough design space for our backbar styling products. Our architect made our reception area very large and open and it's spectacular, unfortunately, it's unnecessary space that should have been applied to the styling area. It's amazing how things look on blueprint than in real life!” —Rachel Lang Downward, 9 Salon & Spa in South Jordan, UT

“My lighting is not right. There's not enough nor is it the proper lighting. I wish I would have more electrical outlets. I need help with my whole salon area in my spa. I need help with a new layout to maximize space without being crowded or wasting space. —Misti Nicole, Spa in the City, Oxford, AL

“Time to redo my shampoo area and get some new chairs in the color department. I just did a lot of remodeling and added an eight chair nail shop. Work in the facial and massage rooms never ends. Love it like life, it’s always a work in progress.” —Chuck Dick, Studio 1 Hair Salon/Spa in Rockville, MD

“I built this building, and we love it, BUT the things I would do differently now, after 13 years here, include: a different air conditioning system (the vents blow too cold in some areas and not enough in others), different lighting (I would dispense with the halogens, and hire a lighting specialist for placement) and I would install three shampoo bowls instead of two. —Lisa Stoloff Gilliam, Sophie’s Garden Salon in Dripping Springs, TX

“I remodeled after Hurricane Ike ripped the roof off! I created a classic looking salon. My mind was in a whirlwind to get it rebuilt! I think if I could do it again, I would go modern. Plus I would have changed the layout too! —Tricia Hernandez, Tricia’s Salon for Men & Women in Groves, TX

“Stations and storage!! We took the salon over last year and the design of the stations is bulky and outdated.” —Jen D’Alfonso, 17th street hair design in Fort Lauderdale, FL

“If I had one thing that I had to redesign? It would be the lighting. We have dropped ceilings with florescent lights which give off a shadow to the clients in the mirrors. It looks way too clinical and in no way matches the ‘vibe’ of our salon.” —Kathy Hall, Vibe Salon in Salem, NH

“We need more space for our pedicure/manicure room which is also attached to the tanning rooms in the basement of our salon. There is not enough room in our small little tanning rooms for people to comfortably tan and we cannot put the pedicure chairs with the plumbing in the basement because they simply won’t fit with the tanning rooms. We need a better concept of things here!" —Hair Connection in Neenah, WI


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