In today’s online-centric world, every salon needs a website, whether it’s to sell products or services—or both. Without an e-commerce website, salons can lose out on bookings and sales, and previously loyal customers may end up going elsewhere.

However, whether you're selling hair, beauty and skincare products, cuts and colors, massages or facials, it’s not enough to just have an e-commerce website.

You need to ensure that you also offer your customers multiple ways to pay.

Having a wide variety of different payment options can benefit your salon’s e-commerce site for so many reasons. In addition to being more convenient, it boosts the marketability of your services and products and fosters a better relationship with your audience.

Still not sure exactly why you need more than one online payment option? Here are 6 reasons why diversified payment options optimize e-commerce sites in the 2020s, plus some useful tips for how to go about implementing them when you’re ready.

Customers Expect Options

We live in an age of convenience, and customers know it. Buying a product or booking a service and paying for it online at the click of a button is no longer considered a luxury. Rather, it’s an anticipated prerequisite that consumers have come to expect.

This can be tricky for e-commerce websites (especially independent or small-scale ones) because it means customers are likely to feel disappointed if there isn’t a diverse array of payment options. However, it’s becoming increasingly easy for sites of all sizes to accept new forms of payment.

Grow Your Audience

It only makes sense that the more payment options you have on offer, the bigger and more accommodating your audience becomes. When you provide multiple payment channels, you open your business up to a much broader demographic of potential customers.

For the sake of financial sustainability, all businesses need to find ways to promote growth. A consistently growing audience means you have a more stable position in the market and a slew of new customers that are more likely to return for your payment accessibility and reliability.

Increases Sales And Conversion Rates

Some studies have found that adding multiple payment options can increase conversion rates by as much as 30%. Think about it: when you go shopping, you expect to be able to pay with the method you prefer. If it’s not available, are you going to come back again? Probably not.

For many of the Gen Z and Millennial shoppers that prefer ecommerce to brick-and-mortar shopping, having the option to use a payment method outside of Debit or Credit cards makes them far more likely to go through with a purchase. If you want your salon to raise its profits, look at its payment options.

Cultivates Brand Trust And Loyalty

Providing a broader variety of payment options creates a much more user-friendly experience for customers. Investing in the quality of your consumer’s browsing, shopping, and payment process is something that can only result in more trust and familiarity with your brand.

Fostering a healthy relationship with customers is key to surviving in any industry. But in the salon world, customer relationships are everything. Don’t let your customers down by limiting their payment choices. Show them you care about their convenience by giving them a range of equally safe and effective options.

Makes Your Website More Competitive

Speaking of surviving in any industry, e-commerce is one of the most competitive sectors in the world. If you’re not consistently working on establishing your position in the market, chances are someone else will claim it for you.

In the complex, bustling industry of e-commerce, it’s important to have strong long-term strategies for the growth of your platform. Adding multiple payment options is a simple move that opens up the floor for many positive changes, thus making your salon more equipped to handle this tough market.

Generates More Online Traffic

The more payment alternatives you have on your site, the more likely it is to see high volumes of traffic. Finding fresh ways to attract customers and get them hooked enough to return should both be essential parts of your e-commerce marketing strategy—and this method ticks all the boxes.

With a variety of safe, easy-to-use payment options, you can help boost the visibility of your site and make it easier for people to not only find your products and services but to buy them too.

Tips For Adding Multiple Payment Options To Your Site

If you’re only just becoming aware of the positive impacts multiple payment options can have on your salon’s website, you may be ready to implement them.

But which ones do you choose?

Here are a few tips to get you started on your journey to the diversification of e-commerce payment channels.

  • Know your website platform – Different e-commerce platforms offer different payment methods. Find out which ones are compatible with yours and make a choice from there.
  • Know your audience – There are many factors that influence payment preference (generation being the most significant). Doing research to find out which options are trending can help you to add the most popular payment channels to your target audience’s demographic.
  • Pick what’s trending – There are lots of different payment platforms available today. Almost all are easy to integrate into e-commerce sites, provide sales reports for doing your tax and other financials, and facilitate safe and secure transactions. Some of the most popular include Credit and Debit Cards, Apple Pay, Google Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and QR codes.

Keeping tabs on current payment trends is also a helpful way to maintain a clear understanding of what customers expect and how to best accommodate their payment needs. In addition to performing market research, you can also follow consumer trend forecasts on social media.

Make Your E-commerce Site Work For Your Salon

Whether online or offline, the payment part of any online shopping experience needs to be effortless and hassle-free. If the customer is unable to use their preferred method of payment, your salon won’t only miss out on a sale, but it will also damage its relationship with high-value shoppers.

By providing multiple payment options on your e-commerce website you can make yourself more appealing to consumers, improve sales and booking rates, and cultivate a much stronger, more sustainable relationship with your loyal customers

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