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In 2014, Bryan Nunes, owner of Blo in Raleigh, North Carolina, was the cover owner featured on our STAMP issue. In the story, Nunes referenced a program he was developing to help new clients submit images of themselves and their hair inspiration to the salon in advance of their first appointment, so Blo could schedule them with the best stylist and the right appointment slot to help them accomplish their goals.

Today, he’s making that tool, SnapSnip available to the entire industry, and he recently gave Salon Today an update:

ST: What does SnapSnip do?

Nunes: “SnapSnip offers stylists and clients a way to perform color consultations when they matter most--before a service is booked. Using a mobile device, clients are guided through a quick and easy process. First, they upload pictures of their existing hair, then they upload pictures of their dream hair. Finally, there’s an option to describe in a text field what it is they specifically like. Clients access SnapSnip through a salon’s website.
“Once a client fills out the form, the Snap is sent instantly via text/email to the salon or requested stylist. The submitted “Snap” can be assessed conveniently by stylists from anywhere via mobile device. Assessing a snap is much like consulting in real life— what services need to be done, how long it will take and how much will it cost to achieve the client’s desired result. Once assessed by a stylist, the Snap will appear instantly on a salon’s front desk computers. Receptionists review the assessed Snap then call to assist the client with booking the recommended services.”

ST: How long have you been using it in your salon and what benefits have you realized?

Nunes: “We have been using SnapSnip for three years now and just completed our 3,000th Snap guest. We have reduced our free in-salon consultations by 40%, our retention of SnapSnip guests is 82%, and our overall color business has increased from 42% of our gross sales to 58%. Re-dos on color guests are nearly non-existent because SnapSnip ensures each new color guest is booked for the proper amount of time with the stylist best qualified to achieve their desired result. We also avoid sticker shock after a service by offering guests an accurate price quote at the time of booking. SnapSnip has created a collaborative atmosphere between stylists and receptionists by eliminating the receptionist’s unenviable task of determining what a client needs over the phone.”

When did you start offering it to other salons, and why?

Nunes: “We first tested SnapSnip at another salon in September 2016. Today’s client relies on virtual recommendations (Yelp, Google reviews, etc) more than they do a personal recommendation when making purchasing decisions. I felt strongly that SnapSnip was a game changer in offering salons an opportunity to be proactive in creating positive client reviews rather than reacting to negative ones. An in-salon consultation 15 minutes before a color service that was booked over the phone by a receptionist who knows nothing about hair often ends up being a complete waste of time. Whereas a client whose appointment is booked based on recommendations made by a stylist offers an elevated client experience. It eliminates the stress and surprises that stylists experience when a color client they’ve never met appears on their book.”

ST: How is it transforming the new client appointment?

Nunes: “When we first launched, we created scripted dialogue for the front desk that directed first-time color clients or regular clients who wanted a big change to the SnapSnip link on our website. Now clients instinctively click on the “New Guests” link at www.justblo.com. We’ve made creating a Snap so quick and fun that clients don’t need to be told how to use it or what it’s for. It’s an intuitive process for even the most technologically challenged client. The most consistent feedback I hear from clients who use SnapSnip is that it makes them feel like we actually care about what they want and they have a higher level of comfort and trust when they arrive for their appointment that was missing previously. Clients are always matched with the appropriate level of stylist. They are always offered an accurate price quote in advance of booking and they are never told “Well we don’t have enough time booked to get you all the way there today but we can book you for it next time if you like.” From a hairdresser’s perspective it’s simple… Preparation. The core value of SnapSnip to stylists is that it completely eliminates surprises and the stress associated with being caught off guard. Setting the client and hairdresser up for success ahead of time has led to a substantial increase in client satisfaction and retention.

Bryan Nunes wins an honorary 2017 STAMP award for his SnapSnip concept. For more information about SnapSnip, email Bryan Nunes at bryan@snapsnipapp.com, visit snapsnipapp.com, or follow them on Facebook.

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