As technology continues to advance, we are seeing less of a need for traditional payment methods that require us to carry around extra items (cash, cards, checkbooks) and more of a desire for increased convenience. Salons are ramping up in adopting speedier and more convenient payment methods as our world changes before our eyes.

SALON TODAY’s recent technology issue featured insightful discussions from leaders in salon technology, and many of them discussed what smarter payment processing can do for businesses and their clients. Here’s what they said:

“Consumers’ expectations and preferences continue to evolve, with contactless and mobile payments becoming their preferred payment methods. Consumers want seamless digital experiences from the businesses they frequent, from appointment setting to accepting payments. One of the ways salons and beauty-related businesses can meet these expectations is by enabling digital payments, as well as adopting salon management systems and scheduling apps that help automate the entire customer experience. Features like these allow salons to more easily focus on what they love while helping achieve end to end operational efficiencies and growth for their salons.” --Kate Kirk, VP of U.S. Merchant Marketing, American Express

Andrea Miller, Brand Marketing Manager,  DaySmart Salon 

Andrea Miller, Brand Marketing Manager, DaySmart Salon

“I have found that business owners are becoming more aware of the value of integrating credit card processing with their salon software solution. With built-in payment processing, a salon business can easily manage their bookkeeping and quickly reconcile their day. When integrating payments with DaySmart Salon, customers can collect prepayments for services, sell gift cards online, charge for no-shows and cancelations, and manage memberships and payment plans. They can even store cards on file and offer contactless payment. These features help to modernize the checkout experience, upgrade front desk operations, and enhance customer service.” --Andrea Miller, Brand Marketing Manager, DaySmart Salon

William Zeqiri, CEO and Founder,  Fresha 

William Zeqiri, CEO and Founder, Fresha

Fresha is revolutionizing how the beauty and wellness industry manages payments and continues to innovate in that space to help business owners manage and grow their businesses. Fresha continues to lead the change in the industry by being one of the first companies chosen by Adyen to launch Tap to Pay. With this technology, iPhone X and newer models can transform into a card terminal without any extra hardware, taking payments directly from the phone.

“At Fresha, we see device-independent contactless payments as the way forward, and Tap to Pay is just the first step. We're on a journey to make the payment experience seamless, secure, and independent from physical cards and terminal hardware." --William Zeqiri, CEO and Founder, Fresha

Marci Zerbe, Sales Manager,  Tippy 

Marci Zerbe, Sales Manager, Tippy

“More than four in five consumers worldwide said a quick and easy checkout was the most valued aspect of the salon experience. Service professionals are quick to share client feedback about the checkout process at the front desk, and the end goal is to keep the professionals happy. Tippy's all-in-one guest checkout kiosk now integrates with many point-of-sale software's to instantly send tips directly to service professionals in the salon or spa. With Tippy's simple user interface, consumers can choose from various tipping options set up by the salon-either in percentages or dollar figures-making it one of the best tip tracking apps to help service professionals increase tips. Consumers can view itemized service and retail totals on the guest-facing kiosk allowing full transparency before collecting payments with your existing payment processor.” --Marci Zerbe, Sales Manager, Tippy

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