Michael Nass, co-owner of Indira Salon and Spa in Chicago shares five strategies for growing...

Michael Nass, co-owner of Indira Salon and Spa in Chicago shares five strategies for growing each revenue stream, and creating new ones. 

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Beauty and wellness businesses forced to shutter due to COVID-19 are now redoubling their efforts to return to pre-pandemic revenue levels. To keep thriving in 2022 and beyond, salons must make the most of every revenue stream while finding new ones to tap. In a Zenoti webinar on Getting back to pre-COVID revenue, Michael Nass, co-owner of Chicago-based Indira Salon and Spa shares his best strategies.

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  1. Be more visible online
    Given that people spend nearly 5 hours a day on their mobile phones, be sure to establish a search-friendly digital presence. List your business on Google and implement a social media strategy for your salon. Appoint one or two staff members or hire a social media agency to oversee your account(s).

    Enable social bookings so guests can make an appointment when they see a tempting social post. A "book now" button on your posts can link directly to salon software, bypassing the need for a separate visit to your website to make an appointment.

  2. Introduce a referral program
    Make it effortless for loyal guests to spread the word about your salon. Business cards or flyers for referrals are easily lost or forgotten, leading to missed referral opportunities.

    Indira Salon and Spa chose the digital route, adding a referral code to post-visit messages through their software. Guests can easily share their experience with others through a few quick taps on their smartphone. The referral process becomes effortless for guests and staff alike because the software platform tracks redemption and rewards.

  3. Showcase all your offerings to guests
    Salon staff often assume that guests are aware of the complementary services available. However, most guests are likely to keep rebooking one or two favorites, so it’s worth suggesting other services or add-ons for them to try. Your stylists can keep guests from visiting another brand for complementary services, creating additional revenue for your salon.

  4. Upsell as much as possible
    Integrate upselling and cross-selling into the online booking process. By taking this approach, you make it easy for guests to find and add complementary products and services when booking their appointment.

    Providers should also be trained and incentivized to upsell to guests in the chair. While add-on services will net just a few extra dollars per ticket, the incremental revenue can give yearly totals a healthy boost.

  5. Maintain guest connection after the appointment
    Send a thank-you via text or email after each service. This communication is your opportunity to include a referral link or request a review.

    Through online reviews, you can gather feedback that in turn attracts new guests. Showcase the best reviews on your website and social media pages, and respond to all feedback to let guests know their opinions matter.

Beauty and wellness businesses can thrive in a post-COVID world by choosing the right revenue strategies. While providing a great service is crucial to guest satisfaction and repeat visits, it’s just as important to elevate other touchpoints like online booking and digital referrals to boost revenue.

The webinar includes additional tips from Michael Nass on reducing no-shows, enforcing well-worded cancellation policies, encouraging guests to rebook, and building a business website that drives revenue. Watch the webinar anytime.

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