3 Good Reasons To Add Scalp Treatments To Your Salon Menu

April 9, 2019 | 3:00 AM
Modern consumers are shifting habits when it comes to hair, opting to view caring for the scalp and hair as part of an overall wellness routine.
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Modern, targeted treatments provide a relaxing approach to scalp services.
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Beautiful hair grows from a healthy scalp like a plant in fertile soil.
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Customizing scalp treatments enables you to target specific client concerns. René Furterer offers solutions for a wide range of issues, from dry or oily scalp to fine and thinning hair to conditions caused by color services.
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Are scalp treatments the new balayage? And by that we mean, are these luxurious and beneficial treatments the next salon service poised to explode and also go the distance? All indicators point to yes! Are you ready to ride the scalp treatment wave and take advantage of the opportunity to meet the growing demand for these services? Here are three excellent reasons to offer scalp treatments to your clients.

Discover all the advantages of offering René Furterer scalp treatments.

1—People Are Embracing Wellness. Scalp Treatments Are Wellness For Scalp And Hair.
Plain and simple, scalp care is the new skincare. Clients understand the importance of things like pre-cleansing, scrubs, serums and masks for a beautiful complexion; and the same holds true for hair. “We tell our clients everyone can benefit from a scalp treatment—it’s like a facial for the scalp,” says a spokesperson for Maison D’Alexandre in Greenwich, CT, where a specially-trained hair therapist, plus two colorists are trained in hair and scalp therapy and offer René Furterer scalp treatments.

Because of this growing awareness, clients are embracing haircare routines that include multiple steps and more targeted product formats borrowed from skin care as a holistic approach towards beauty. (Fun fact: Even though scalp treatments are trending now, René Furterer launched Complexe5, the original scalp detoxifying treatment in 1957.) The René Furterer treatments offered at Christopher Langlois Atelier in Pittsburgh, PA encompass a scalp treatment, shampoo, mask, massage and leave-in treatment. It’s a luxurious, customized, two-hour experience performed in a dimly-lit room on air massage beds. “These treatments ensure the scalp and hair are healthy,” says Langlois, “encouraging  hair growth and blood flow. Plus, the client enjoys a truly pampering experience.”

 2—Scalp Treatments Are An Untapped Business Opportunity.
The cost to a salon is minimal, but these services drive additional income per service, increase retail sales and boost rebooking and retention rates. Ashes and Steele in Asheville, NC performs 20 to 30 scalp treatments a week at a rate of $25. “We usually offer a complementary scalp treatment to first-time clients,” says owner Alejandro Jimenez. “If they are receiving a color service, we offer the René Furterer Okara Color treatment. Haircut clients receive the Complex 5 or Astera scalp treatments. After one treatment they see results and they are convinced.”

Client loyalty ensures success and scalp treatments build loyalty. At Christopher Langlois Atelier, the rate is $125 for the full, two-hour scalp treatment experience, with the option of purchasing a package for a weekly treatment that brings the treatments to $85 apiece. “Fifty percent of clients are immediately rebooking the packages after their first treatments,” says Langlois. “And we love the fact that René Furterer’s wide product selection allows us to guide them to customized choices for retail products to use at home.”

Because results are evident instantly, rebooking is accelerated. When guests experience a scalp treatment at Maison D’Alexandre, the re-booking rate is an incredible 90 percent. At Sugar House Day Spa and Salon in Alexandria, VA, general manager Carmen Omiste says nearly all clients rebook after experiencing a René Furterer scalp treatment. “We also explain, especially with the thinning treatments, that consistency is key,” she says. “They have to understand that just like skincare, in order for these treatments to work, they must become regular regimens in your life.” 

3—Treating Specific Concerns Leads To Increased Client Confidence.
When it comes to scalp treatments, one approach does not fit all. And that’s the best news! With René Furterer rituals, for example, you can offer solutions for hair loss, scalp irritation or sensitivity, extremely oily or extremely dry scalps or dandruff.

René Furterer’s curated menu of nine in-salon scalp treatments formulated with natural key ingredients and botanical extracts offers a targeted ritual for every consumer’s needs:

  1. Signature Scalp Detox: Detoxifying treatment to purify and energize the scalp revealing naturally beautiful hair from roots to ends.
  2. Sensitive Scalp Detox Ritual: Deep cleansing treatment to help calm and soothe irritated and itchy scalps.
  3. Nourishing Ritual: Revitalizing treatment to provide long-lasting moisture, help protect the hair and scalp, and work to fortify and repair very dry, damaged hair.
  4. Purifying Ritual: Deep cleansing treatment for very oily scalps to reduce excess oil, remove impurities and restore balance to the scalp.
  5. Clarifying Ritual: Shine enhancing treatment to deeply cleanse hair of impurities and product buildup that cause dullness leaving hair smooth, shiny and radiant.
  6. Soothing Ritual: Calming treatment to instantly relieve itching and irritation while protecting against further sensitivity.
  7. Strengthening Ritual: 100% drug-free regimen for reactional thinning hair to restore vitality, volume and strength. Recommended for those experiencing sudden thinning hair or looking for overall strength and thickness.
  8. Thinning Ritual: 100% drug-free regimen for hereditary, hormonal thinning hair to support natural hair growth while re-densifying existing thin and sparse hair.
  9. Color Protection Ritual: Radiance-enhancing treatment to protect the hair and scalp during color processing and prolong vibrant color and shine.

What’s more, the company offers a hands-on, Scalp Treatment Certification Course that educates salons and spas on the company’s heritage and scalp expertise while providing the necessary training to be able to execute in-salon scalp treatments and clearly communicate the goal and benefits of scalp treatments. “For us, knowledge is power,” says Leila Behzad of Elle Lui Salon in Santa Rosa, CA. “We are always interested in advanced training—it builds confidence.”

“René Furterer offers pharmaceutical-grade hair care,” adds Langlois. “It really is a cult of hair. Once you use it, it’s hard to go back to anything else!”

Here’s exactly how a René Furterer scalp treatment is performed.
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