Help Clients Reach their Hair Goals with this Software Feature
Help Clients Reach their Hair Goals with this Software Feature

One of the best parts of being a professional stylist is seeing the impact a great cut or beautiful color blend can transform a client both outside and inside. Of course, part of that transformation also comes with the understanding that #hairgoals take time and helping your client get from point A to B is a process.

Mackenzie Tereault is an extensionist and colorist in Gilbert, Arizona. Clients come to Tereault to have their hair dreams become a reality. In addition to being named part of our 2019 Top 100, Tereault is also an active member on our Artist Connective and frequently shares her tips and tricks for success with us.

Recently, Tereault told us one of her secrets to staying on top of her client's hair goals is through a log she keeps via her Salon Iris software. With the use of Salon Iris, Tereault says she can personalize services based on client history, detailed notes and previous purchases.

"As I see my clients, I am reminded of how long we’ve worked together to achieve and maintain their hair goals," Tereault says. "Since I've been using Salon Iris, I've been able to go through my client's history, know how many times they’ve visited me, how long they go between appointments, their formulas and the best way to contact them. Each client file is so important to me."⁣

Help Clients Reach their Hair Goals with this Software Feature
Help Clients Reach their Hair Goals with this Software Feature

With a hectic schedule and constantly being on the go, Tereault is able to access her client information from any device. The software allows stylists to give their clients an extra personalized experience by logging preferences, milestones, past treatments and more. Stylists can also store photos of their clients to show how their look has evolved over time. Quick before-and-after photos can be easily pulled up to show a client their hair journey.

In addition to keeping track of her clients' progress, Tereault says she's found the software has helped her business in other ways.

"One of my favorite features when booking an appointment is the customization for an individual service," Tereault says. "I’m able to adjust application time, process, finishing times and price. I also appreciate that after I enter my clients into the software it allows me to set up text reminders to my clients. This helps me avoid no-shows, and it’s one less step for me to do leading up to the appointment."

Clients can also have the ability to prepay for multiple appointments. The software tracks their prepaid balance, applying it at checkout alerting the stylist when it’s time to remind clients to add money to their account.

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