Kaemark's Salvador Styling Chair
Kaemark's Salvador Styling Chair


The Trend Makeup Stool by Michele Pelafas Inc. combines sophisticated style with comfort. The stool is designed to create a luxury experience featuring a Mongolian lamb fur cushion, sleek gold base, and integrated footrest. It is also available in velvet and leatherette upholstery options, paired with gold or silver metal bases.

Shopping tip: “Design is truly in the details. Find unexpected places in your space to add a unique find that will not only make the guest feel truly special but focuses on some beautiful details—whether it be a vivid pop of color or unusual texture.”—VALERIE PUTMAN, Michele Pelafas Inc. director of design


The LED Station Mirror Light from Minardi Color Perfect Lighting is less than one-inch wide and can be mounted either vertically on the sides of the mirror or horizontally across the top. It helps to eliminate shadows under the eyes by emitting a warm, healthy glow of light toward the client. The mirror light is also dimmable so it can be adjusted to the perfect amount of light.

Shopping tip: “Shadows under the client’s eyes is a problem that is all too common in salons across the country. Regular wall sconces look nice but are not functional. Eliminating shadows while making your client look their best while seated in your chair is a must for client satisfaction.”—HOWARD GUROCK, Eco-Lite Products, LLC president


Novvo Etopa’s Illuminated Front Desk is made with environmentally friendly LED lights and features storage shelving and drawers to keep everything organized. Durable and long-lasting MDF construction is available in standard chocolate or white laminate, or a custom finish.

Shopping tip: “When selecting a front desk for the retail area, take into consideration the overall size of your space. Choose a desk that is proportionate to the space and not something that will be too large in scale for what you need. A streamlined look is more aesthetically appealing and will help prevent cluttering that is visible to guests.”—LAUREN SUMMERS, Novvo Etopa designer


Standish Salon Goods’ Gruene Rustic Double Manicure Table has a rustic style with a modern flair. Its stainless top makes for easy cleanup and it offers storage with three drawers, a small area under the table and cabinet space. It is also available as a single manicure table for smaller spaces.

Standish Salon Goods' Gruene Rustic Double Manicure Table
Standish Salon Goods' Gruene Rustic Double Manicure Table

Shopping tip: “As a business owner, it’s important to leverage your total buying power at one retailer. Typically, by helping them move a bulk amount of inventory, you qualify for better rates on shipping and can receive wholesale discount pricing.”—BRICE MCBETH, Standish Salon Goods founder and principal


The organic, modern styling of Gigli & Massimo Italy’s Wave Wash Unit gives the piece versatility in the salon. It has easy, rear plumbing access and a deep, tilting porcelain bowl. An electric footrest and massage feature are optional.

Shopping tip: “Your space is a reflection of the type of business you want to be. When shopping for furniture, it is important to partner with a company that will help to shape your company’s identity. It is important to choose a company that will take the time to understand your vision, provide you with insight and expertise, and guide you in selecting the right furniture and equipment to fit your budget and your space.”—MASSIMO PIZZOLEO, Gigli & Massimo Italy founder and industrial designer


Wadsworth Design’s Wabash Wash Unit features the utility and the gritty, urban style presented in Wadsworth’s American Industrial collection. An adjustable backrest provides a comfortable fit for all.

Shopping tip: “Where space and budget allow, a backwash style shampoo bowl is preferred. Backwash units offer a more ergonomic washing experience than wall-mounted alternatives.”—MARK WADSWORTH, Wadsworth Design founder

Kaemark's Salvador Styling Chair
Kaemark's Salvador Styling Chair


Salvador Styling Chairs from Kaemark Salon Furnishings are ergonomically designed to improve client posture and comfort, placing them in the ideal position for stylists to work. Seven-layer wood and steel construction support the chair top and there is a hydraulic pump which has a seven-year warranty. Multiple base plates and footrests are available.

Shopping tip: “Make sure to look at ergonomics for working behind the chair as well as the comfort of the client. The height of the client at the lowest and highest position of the chair will vary between chairs.”—JEFF OWEN, Kaemark Salon Furnishings CEO


The Madison 36-inch Vanity Styling Station and Mirror from Buy-Rite Beauty is built from solid wood with a walnut finish and white quartz top work surface. It has drawers and cabinets with soft-close bumpers and the countertop features built-in appliance holders for tools,

Shopping tip: “Beautiful and functional salon styling stations don’t have to be complex to elevate your space. Simple designs with meticulous finishes can combine to create a perfect styling station that can greatly increase the type of experience your client has at your station.”—LYLE MACKENZIE, Buy-Rite Beauty director of sales


The Mademoiselle Styling Chair is a part of a new collection from Cindarella. Soft, clean lines and button tufting create an elegant and comfortable effect, available in a variety of colors.

Mademoiselle Styling Chair from Cindarella
Mademoiselle Styling Chair from Cindarella

Shopping tip: “A comfortable and long-lasting styling chair is a key piece of equipment in your salon. When selecting a styling chair, your client’s comfort should always come first, but also keep in mind the type of atmosphere you would like your salon to exude.”—JULIENNE N’GUESSAN, Cindarella export manager

styling station from Freestyle Systems
styling station from Freestyle Systems


This station from Freestyle Systems features the weightless Freestyle Dryer System, all-around light­ing, drawers, and both behind-the-mirror and side storage. All irons are hidden behind the tip-out door, always plugged in and ready to go.

Shopping tip: “Always use lights above the styling station that are 3500 Kelvin and that produce at least 500 Lux at the client’s head. Also, take care of your stylists by using a weightless blow-drying system—the body pays a toll holding a one-pound dryer for hours every day.”—MICHAEL BLAIR HOPPER, Freestyle Systems CEO


Eurisko Design’s Newton Styling Station has a contemporary and functional design, available double- or single-sided. The station features various finish options for its powder-coated steel frame with laminate or lacquered choices, internal or external tool holders, LED-illuminated mirror, and quartz or laminate work surface.

Shopping tip: “When selecting a styling station, consider the form, function and longevity of design. Select a look that will complement the floor, walls and ceiling and will not date your look. LED lighting should be the appropriate hue that will enhance and complement the customer.”—DR. LEON ALEXANDER, Eurisko Design CEO and president


The Ecoheads showerhead has a unique design that doubles water pressure, yet cuts water usage by up to 65%. At the same time, its sub-micron filtration system removes sediment, rust and chlorine, while a layer of tourmaline deionizes to help reduce frizz and close the cuticle.

Ecoheads showerhead
Ecoheads showerhead

Shopping tip: “Clients often judge a salon by the experience at the shampoo bowl, so make sure you deliver as great an experience here as in any other part of the salon. Ecoheads delivers consistently high water pressure that gently stimulates blood flow to the scalp while quickly rinsing hair.”—PAUL TATE, co-owner of Ecoheads North America


The Hydrolounge pipeless pedicure unit from Gamma & Bross features whirlpool jets and a swivel seat that allows easy access for a client to step into the chair. Made in Italy, the pedicure unit can be ordered with an optional shiatsu massage system.

Shopping tip: “More regions are requiring UPC certification for the plumbing fixtures and bowls. When selecting equipment, make sure it complies with the requirements.”—ALEC HENRY, Gamma & Bross sales manager


The Lancer Barber Chair by Takara Belmont features a robust body style and details such as different color piping and upholstery options. The chair includes an enhanced vertical-lift pump and synchronous recline system.

Shopping tip: “It is always smart to do your research on both the chair and the company before purchase. Knowing the manufacturer’s history on building barber chairs is a plus. Find out about warranties; a quality chair typically has 5+ year warranties on working parts such as hydraulic bases and recline mechanisms.”—COLLEEN BROWDY, Takara Belmont designer and sales assistant


Inspired by old apothecaries and pharmacies, the Pemberton Styling Station is part of the Loft Collection by Minerva Beauty. Each piece is unique and is hand-crafted by artisans using repurposed fir, and given character with multicolored drawer fronts.

Shopping tip: “Don’t be afraid to get out there with some of the new station designs available on the market today. The reclaimed look is super fashionable, and customers love it.”—JEFF GRISSLER, Minerva Beauty creative director


Belvedere’s Vivaldi Styling Chair has a vintage design with an upholstered seat, arms and back that ensure comfort and style. It is hand-crafted and available in a wide range of colors and fabrics.

Shopping tip: “Every salon owner is unique and so should be the design of their salon. Show your style and always think about how you want your clients to feel when they are getting their hair done. A vintage-designed chair will bring elegance, style and that royal feeling to any salon.”—JILL ESPINOSA, Belvedere area manager/designer, California showroom


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