Odete Da Silva
Odete Da Silva

Start following Odete Da Silva on social media, and you’ll see this Goldwell Color Zoom competitor, salon owner and hairstylist has been a star on the rise and the ascent isn’t slowing. 

Just as she hits her 20th year as a salon owner and 25th as a hairstylist, Da Silva’s salon, Artistex in Westport, Connecticut, is expanding into a big space. Her long-term goal is to create an environment where people can be who they are in a family atmosphere while she helps them achieve their dreams.

The fact that she does all that while rockin’ out some amazingly creative hair is impressive.

❯ What time is your alarm set to wake you in the morning?
Usually my alarm is set for 6:00, but I wake up before it goes off.

❯ First item you like to cross off your to-do list?
I meditate for at least 10 minutes every day when I wake up. It helps my over-active mind stay focused through my intense day.

❯ How much time do you spend at the salon each day?
I live there. Many times I’m the first in and the last to leave. I like being at the salon alone to get things done or take time to think of what comes next.

❯ Biggest waste of time on a daily basis?
Worrying or becoming angry about things that don’t matter or are out of my control. They’re usually not worth the fight or energy it takes to stress over them.

❯ Who do you wish you could have lunch with?
Most have passed on, but if I had my way—Albert Einstein, Princess Diana, Vidal Sassoon, Alexander McQueen or Steve Jobs. Of the living, Ray Dalio, Anna Wintour, Warren Buffett and Madonna.

❯ What would surprise us about you?
I love cars, especially older cars or concept cars. There is an art to the design and craftsmanship in them that is often overlooked, that very much blends with science.

❯ Cat, dog, both, or something else?
One of my greatest loves was Skully. She was a Pit mix
that died in 2014. She helped me raise my boys as their protector, playmate, referee and my best friend. She is to date irreplaceable.

❯ How do you unwind?
I love to paint, but if I’m really vegging out, I make something awful like a yummy ice cream sundae and watch mindless TV.

❯ What career would you have if you weren’t a hairdresser?
Fashion designer. I almost was one! But in addition to my love of creativity, I love to be around people! I love socializing and helping people feel amazing!

❯ What would you tell your 18-year-old self?
Tomorrow will always bring change, so enjoy today’s ride while you can.

❯ What do want to come back as in your next life?
Wolverine. I’m a huge comics fan.

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