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Owners: Monica Thornton and Lisa Richards  

Date of Opening: February 5, 2015

Description of Style: minimalist, girly, welcoming

Square Footage: 2,000 square-foot

Number of Styling Stations: 12

Number of Treatment Rooms: 2 (Wash House and Pent House for VIPS)

Furniture Lines Used: Minerva

Retail Lines Carried: RPZL, Rene Furterer and R+Co

Design Firm: KA Design Group

Photographer: Roger Neve


Less than one year ago, Monica Thornton and Lisa Richards launched RPZL, a hair extension bar, in New York City's Flatiron District. The bar offers on-demand hair extensions, specifically RPZL 100% Remy Virgin Hair, available on-site. The salon can match extensions to hair color and attach during a single appointment, eliminating the need for a preliminary consultation. With its Gorgeous Bar and service offerings of blow outs and styles for all of its loyal "Gorgeous Girls," RPZL is making premium hair extension application as easy as getting a manicure. 


Offering three varieties of hair extensions, RPZL combines top styling techniques with cutting-edge technology. RPZL stylists can apply a full head of extensions in an hour and a half, and at a nominal price compared to traditional extensions. On-the-go clients can try clip-in and premium tape options, which allow looks to be changed quickly and easily, while extension-free clients can enjoy blowouts. 


In RPZL's "Wash House" shampoo area, clients can enjoy "Hello Gorgeous Treatments," including "Hello Clarifying," "Hello Calming," "Hello Repairing Treatments" and "The Royal Treatment," designed to deeply strengthen, calm and repair dry, damaged and thirsty hair. RPZL "headmasters," specializing in the art of hair washing, utilize specific techniques for a relaxing head massage and exclusively use award-winning, all-natural products by Rene Furterer and R+Co


With a unique selfie booth, RPZL's "Gorgeous Girls" can snap shots of their new looks and upload them to social media for their very own #RPZLfie. A custom playlist of the hottest tracks curated by A-list DJs continues the high-tech and cutting edge experience. Clients get to select songs on an iPad through a virtual jukebox playing in the space as they get their hair done.  


Tablets at every chair of the sleek bar allow for everything to be done on-demand from chair-side checkouts (eliminating the need for a reception desk), including ordering drinks and exclusive "Baked by Melissa" Gorgeous Girl cupcakes every day. 


"Since we were focused on being the first beauty company to introduce and combine technology, our inspiration was a girly-looking apple store," says Thornton. "RPZL’s flagship 2,000-square-foot space is glossy and white with hints of silver—futuristic and definitively girly. Plush chairs surround a white quartz countertop, set with vases of cream-colored roses and hydrangeas. It is best described  as simple, clean and open with a minimalist and welcoming look and feel."


Each headmaster at RPZL wears a bespoke designer uniform created by Lady and Butler, a sophisticated, international fashion label that specializes in chic uniforms for businesses such as The Yard at the Soho Grand Hotel, Monarch, Gilded Lily, The Mark Hotel, Boqueria in New York and The Edition London.


Offering natural-looking extensions made from the highest-quality, 100% Remy Virgin Hair, each of RPZL’s extensions are specially selected to match both hair color and texture. The extensions are seamlessly applied to hair for flawless, natural-looking length, color and volume. These top-line, customized extensions start at $250 and every application includes a shampoo, blowout and style.


Check out our on-the-scene salon tour of RPZL:  

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