As salons large and small struggle to retain talent amid the changing needs of the modern professional, the relationship between a manager and their team is more critical than ever.

At the Data-Driven Salon Summit in Nashville, April 23-24, Boulevard's Shanalie Wijesinghe and Jozlyn Miller will explore the role effictive communication, support and processes play in forming stronger, more meaningful relationships with your team members. Before they take the stage, they discussed their topic with SALON TODAY's Stacey Soble in the above video interview. 

Healthy salon culture and team engagement are pillars of success for every self-care business. Reflecting on 15+ years experience Shanalie and Jozlyn will share opportunities and challenges for today's owner and professional, including: 

  • What effective staff communication looks and feels like in 2023.
  • Why it's time to reimaging what it means to be a supportuve manager.
  • How to act more like a mentor and less like a boss.
  • How to identify what value your business brings to a modern professional.
  • How to engage staff on a deeper level.  

Check out the schedule for this year's Data-Driven Salon Summit or purchase your tickets at 805-709-1837.

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