Colorists who love working with foils but hate prepping and wasting them, will be delighted to hear of the latest addition to the Sustain Beauty Co portfolio. The new Procare 24*7 foil-cutting machine, now available to sustainably minded salons and stylists from SBCo, will not only help conserve aluminum and reduce waste, it will save hours and hours currently spent on one of the most laborious, and loathed, jobs in the salon.

“We are all about finding ways for salons to be sustainable—financially and environmentally—and while color lines still require foils in application, we recognized the way to slash the high cost of aluminum and reduce the quantities going to landfill was to cut back on how much is used per application,” says Valorie Tate, founder of SBCo. “The artist can judge the length needed for each section and automate the process rather than cut a set length that is often unnecessary.”


The petite and smart-looking Procare 24*7 offers four length preferences from 6 to 14 inches, plus a custom length feature, options on folding, and a choice of how many foils are dispensed. The quick, hands-free function means it’s no fuss to prep a couple more foils even in the middle of a service.

“Sustainability is about the planet and more; it’s also about salon profitability and business viability,” adds Valorie. “If you have 10 color clients, either you or someone in your salon is wasting an hour and 20 minutes cutting and folding foils. Over the weeks and months, that adds up to a lot of wasted hours that could be more profitably focused on client care.”

SBCo also now stocks the Procare 24*7 Refill Rolls, which are 5 inches wide and 1,640 feet long, and made from heavyweight foil as standard

For more information,  go to https://sustainbeauty.co/procare-247-hair-foil-cutting-machine/

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