Neeraj Gupta

Neeraj Gupta

Neeraj Gupta became interested in the salon and spa industry in 2015 after speaking with his friend who had a salon in Singapore. Researching the broader Singapore salon industry, Gupta identified many areas of the business that could run more efficiently, with greater client satisfaction, with the help of advanced technology. He became determined to design a platform to bridge the gap.

A Company is Born

By 2017, Gupta was ready to launch Salonist in Singapore, with his friend's salon as the beta version test salon. Soon all locations of that salon chain adopted Salonist for scheduling appointments online.

Today salons in 60 countries are using the Salonist system, and more than half now are U.S. salons. India, with a growing market of salon chains, is the next national target.

"We focus on companies that have a wide range of varying branches and a solid brand presence in the beauty and wellness vertical," Gupta says.

Salonist Features

Additional functions are regularly added for the cloud-based, increasingly mobile-friendly Salonist software; Shopify Integration and WhatsApp API are next on the list. In addition to online booking for appointments, packages and loyalty programs, Salonist offers, among other features:

  • A selection of payment acceptance options
  • Inventory management for multiple locations
  • Marketing services from email blasts and gift card management to coupons and SMS campaigns
  • Payroll and other staff management functions
  • Point-of-sale system
  • Customer tracking and other analytics
  • Multiple languages

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