5 Features That Make Meevo 2 the Perfect Software for Beauty Schools
5 Features That Make Meevo 2 the Perfect Software for Beauty Schools

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Providing students with the training and education needed to help them prepare for life after school is essential, and your salon and spa software can offer an even greater educational experience.

Meevo 2 was designed to help beauty and wellness schools enhance their learning capabilities, improve efficiency, and teach students the business side of beauty – and our clients love the results:

“Meevo 2 has proven to be so much easier and more valuable for our team. They especially love how simple it is to multi-task in Meevo 2, enabling them to complete their tasks much faster.” — Katie Hobson, Director of Paul Mitchell The School Lombard

Let’s take a closer look at some of the unique features and resources available with Meevo 2 that has made it the go-to software for thousands of schools across the country!

1) Separate Student and Teacher Profiles

One of the most valuable Meevo 2 features available to schools is the ability to create student and teacher profiles separate from other staff members. Separate profiles let schools quickly outline daily activities for their students and teachers while also allowing teachers to be selected as overseers in service or product transactions.

And for multi-location schools, Meevo 2 lets you create student and teacher profiles at more than one location. Through your Central Office hub, managers can easily grant students and teachers permissions at another location, which creates the user profiles at that location.

Additionally, separate profiles allow schools to see unique schedules within Meevo 2 and in the appointment book for all students and teachers, improving visibility and making it much easier to track how your students perform, which leads us to benefit number 2…

2) Advanced Reporting

Millennium software led the way in business metrics and reporting within the beauty and wellness industry, and Meevo 2 continues to innovate with business analytics – especially for schools.

Easily keep track of student progress, schedules, tasks, and performance in Meevo 2 through powerful, industry-leading reports that display student and teacher metrics separately from other employees. This helps schools monitor both staff and student performance in real-time so leaders can make adjustments as needed to reach their goals – both for their business and students!

Let’s hear from one of our Paul Mitchell Schools’ about why they love Meevo 2 reports:

“Meevo 2’s reports are so simple to use, and I can customize them in many different ways, including by employee roles. I also love the Register—all it takes is one click to get services or products and provide credit to the correct stylist/student.” — Rhiannon Beach, Guest Services, Paul Mitchell The School Costa Mesa

3) Configurable Security Settings

Security controls are more valuable today than ever before for beauty and wellness businesses, and schools are no exception. Meevo 2’s advanced, configurable security features enable each school to tailor settings to their specific needs.

For example, you can choose to allow each student only to see their appointment book in Meevo 2 instead of the entire business’ book. You can also restrict student (and staff) off-site Meevo 2 usage by creating IP restrictions so students can only use the software when they are in your school.

You can even control which reports students can see and whether they can view other student/employee data or just their own!

4) Time Clock

Keeping track of student hours is an essential task for schools that can have ramifications if errors or discrepancies arise – and it can be even more challenging for schools that operate in multiple states where rules and regulations can vary.

Meevo 2 provides schools with a Time Clock to help automate clocking in and clocking out for students with rules to fit the state or states your school operates in, ensuring you accurately track student working hours in accordance with all local, state, and federal laws and regulations.

5) Training and Education Resources

In addition to powerful features that help schools grow and aid students in their preparation for their future careers, Meevo 2 also provides countless training and education resources that both schools and students can take advantage of at any time.

With Meevo 2, all schools gain access to:

  • Millennium Academy, our intuitive learning platform
  • Meevo 2 Certification courses
  • Free monthly webinars
  • On-demand training materials and videos

These resources enable schools to master Meevo 2 to grow their business, while students can take advantage of these resources to better understand the business side of beauty, further helping them develop the skills needed to thrive after they graduate.

Teach Your Students the Business Side of Beauty with Meevo 2

Meevo 2 powers thousands of beauty and wellness schools across the country, including Paul Mitchell Schools, and helps them provide a high-quality education experience to their students.

Explore Meevo 2 today to see how it can help your school thrive today and well into the future!


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