Valerie Putman, director of design for Michele Pelafas, Inc.

Valerie Putman, director of design for Michele Pelafas, Inc. 

As part of SALON TODAY's Designing Minds series, leading executives at salon furniture and equipment manufacturers tackle top owner questions on salon design. Here, Valerie Putman, director of design for Michele Pelafas, Inc. delves into dynamic design, and how alluring salon design can encourage social media engagment. 

SALON TODAY: How does your salon design drive social media engagement?

Valerie Putman: Design has the power to transform something ordinary into something exciting, memorable and statement-worthy. With the rise of the social media movement one of the biggest trends in salon design is what we call dynamic design.  Dynamic Design focuses on the big picture impact of special interior details thru architectural elements, texture and contrast, and visual interest to provide the ultimate representation of the brand and guest experience.

Think of your interior environment as the foundation of “visual content” for your consumer.  It’s the first impression and physical connection to your brand that the consumer experiences.  A dynamic interior can get people talking about your brand and create that buzz that will synergistically transfer to all aspects of social media.  In today’s business climate, consumers are driven by results but also the experience. 

When looking at dynamic design on a high level of implementation, you may see elements like oversized wall murals, over-the-top chandelier lighting, furniture with personality like a swing, and floral or plant-clad walls to name a few.  These features can be utilized in unexpected ways and places like a ceiling detail, in a restroom or a photo area.  No matter the dynamic detail it should always bring a sense of joy, delight, wonder, and excitement as you experience the interior. 

This swing surrounded by flowers entices clients to snap a picture at the Jolieden Beauty Bar in...

This swing surrounded by flowers entices clients to snap a picture at the Jolieden Beauty Bar in New York. 

Integrating this trend on a smaller scale can be just as effective and memorable.  Look for one common area where you can integrate a high-impact feature or social wall for the ultimate swoon-worthy, picture-perfect spot that no one can resist.  Push design boundaries with something over the top that screams your brand whether it’s an oversized photo of your work, interesting lighting or graphics these dramatic statements are sure to get those buzzworthy accolades.  Stay true to your brand and show your personality!  Every brand has its own unique story and it’s how you choose to express that that will resonate with your audience.

The connection between social media and the built environment will continue to be on trend and serve each other ultimately making a stronger brand awareness, a better sense of community and true connection to your brand.  Take advantage of this trend to further differentiate you from your competition and elevate your guest experience to the next level.

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