Michele Pelafas, interior designer to the hundreds of luxury salons and spas across the United States, recently announced her new Beauty Candle Collection.  These transformative candles capture the essence of the “beauty experiences” found in the salons and spas that she and her team design.   The collection was created to target today’s consumer market with accessible affordable luxury and beauty in a new way at home.

“The intricacies that went into developing these candles is along the same process for which we create our beauty interiors,” Pelafas says. “My candle collection promotes transformation and speaks to the human spirit, just like our spaces do.  In this case, through the gentle glow and captivating scent of a candle.” Pelafas understands first-hand how consumers can respond to good experiences with positive feelings and emotion.


The Beauty Candle Collection consists of four olfactive narratives:  CLEANSE, CLARIFY, CREAM and WITHIN.  Each of these unfold like a salon and spa experience, as the mind’s eye submits to the nose.  Each candle experience comes with an encouraging message: Put on a happy face with CLEANSE.  Embrace your inner goddess with WITHIN.  Take center stage with CLARIFY.  And Indulge because you are worth it with CREAM, her signature candle.  While each candle has its own scent profile and story, they all promote a feeling of beauty, comfort and transformation to “get lit from within."


To get the most out of the candle, directions guide the user through the twists and turns of the immersive smell-scapes and how they tell a story. Just another way to enhance a beauty routine and be part of any ritual to feel beautiful, confident, renewed, comforted and transformed. 

Pelafas says, “I sit up taller, when using these candles.  I feel my face soften, my eyes open and a calm smile wash over me.  I have personally experienced the feeling of transformation that these candles bring.  They are addicting, almost magical.  The question is, what one to choose?”

For more information visit spainteriors.com. For inquiries, email Valerie@spainteriors.com

About Michele Pelafas: Michele Pelafas, founder of Michele Pelafas, Inc., lives and breathes the beauty industry as design and furniture.  Michele Pelafas, Inc. is a leading interior design firm and furniture manufacturing company in the spa and salon industry.  Her clients include spas, salons, women’s and wellness centers, medical spas, nail salons and fitness centers across the US and abroad with hundreds of projects in her portfolio including award winning designs.

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