5 Tips for Small Business Saturday

The big box stores have Black Friday.

The web guys have Cyber Monday.

Small Business Saturday was made for us; for hair salons and barbershops; for small, local, independently owned businesses.

Small Business Saturday is the Saturday after Thanksgiving. This year it lands on November 25th.

This is a day when consumers are encouraged to “shop small,” to patronize local merchants, members of your community. It is a day to support your community, to keep the money local, and to preserve the local economy of your own community.

Barbershops and hair salons are uniquely local. This is YOUR day to reach out and connect with YOUR community. Here are my top 5 tips for barbershops and hair salons to make the most of Small Business Saturday (SBS):

  1. Plan now – Do not wait. SBS will be here before you know it. Create an offer that will create traffic and put heads in chairs (no need to discount). One key element of SBS is the notion that people WANT to shop local, to support local businesses. There is no need to give dollars and sales margins away. Plan to anniversary this, too. What you do this year can be done next year (if it works). You do not need to reinvent the wheel every year. If you run a great offer people will come to look forward to it annually.
  2. Gift certificates – Gift certificates are a perfect sales opportunity for SBS. Do a “buy one for a friend and get a deal on one for you.” This is a discount on the certificate … NOT the service. Offer a gift certificate for giving and one for use after January 1. Offer a gift certificate with a FREE product gift attached.
  3. Broad appeal – Be sure to offer something for everyone. If you are a barbershop mostly serving guys, be sure to have an offer that appeals to the ladies. Invite everyone to support your business. Even if you do not wish to offer any deals, be open to offering FREE coffee, donuts, or any other reason just to pop in to visit, make a connection, and engage. Now they know you for when they need you down the road.
  4. Cross promote – Work with another small local business. Run a promotion that encourages customers to shop both of you. The sandwich shop gives away a free drink with haircut coupon. You offer a FREE small shampoo sample with a sandwich purchase. Both of you build and feed off of each others traffic. Double win.
  5. Bounce back – Design an element of your SBS promotion to bounce back later in the holiday season or after the 1st of January. Find a way to make SBS pay off long after Nov. 25th. A good example, perhaps … Buy a bottle of hair gel on SBS and get a coupon for a bottle of gel at 50% off in January.

What are you doing for Small Business Saturday this year? Share your Ideas. Let’s all make the most of this opportunity.

Ivan Zoot is ClipperGuy, a highly sought after presenter and trainer in the world of men's hair. Learn more about Ivan's educational support and programming at clipperguy.com.

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Originally posted on Modern Salon