10 Online Branding Strategies to Grow Your IRL Business
10 Online Branding Strategies to Grow Your IRL Business

Now more than ever, clients are seeking social connection. As part of SALON TODAY's Burning Questions issue, Bonnie Bonadeo, the founder of Brand Me Marketing and Branding Agency, weighs in on the need for consistent digital marketing and upkeep as a tool to to attract new clients and elevate business overall.

SALON TODAY: How does my brand help me to grow my business?

Bonadeo: Now is not the time to be brand-less…

We have reached the pinnacle in the salon industry that what use to work for us to build our business and grow a client base is considered an ancient approach. We must get our In Real Life business (IRL) to also have a strong URL (digital) presence to survive 2020 and beyond.

 If the top two current concerns for salons today are finding new staff, and finding new clients, the solution is building a digital brand identity and marketing your business consistently and confidently. The strategy to marketing a new client is the same as marketing to a new stylist. If as consumers the first thing we do is google you, go to your website, and check out your social media pages—what first impression do they give of you and your business?

Understand that marketing is sales with a plan, and branding is sales with a soul. The focus becomes branding you, your values, and your purpose to create a personal and emotional attraction to new clients and staff. 

Marketing then becomes the plan and strategy that answers these questions: Why do they need me? What problem am I solving for them? Who are my ideal clients (staff)? Where do I market? When do I market? And, how do I market? 

The average metric for Advertising and Marketing was 2-5% of your budget, and that is still very doable with the technology and digital resources we have today. Here are the 10 marketing and branding resources to review and see what your Digital Brand Identity score is.

  1. Brand Logo and Tagline that creates an imprint on why you exist, what you offer, and who you offer it to
  2. Updated and action-driven website that allows clients to say yes to you
  3. Google my business presence
  4. Active and consistent social media presence
  5. Online Booking and Confirmation system
  6. Client Relation Management (CRM) Software
  7. Email funnel system
  8. Text System
  9. Reviews
  10. Online Store

In the end, marketing and branding your business is not a high dollar cost investment. The real cost is your time and energy to do it yourself, find qualified support or someone to do it for you.

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