Bella Style Salon
Bella Style Salon

In 2017, Jennifer Baudier decided to retire completely from providing services and became the Bella Style Salons full-time service manager. This new role allowed her to work with all team members on an individual basis. An intensive focus on individual growth led to the implementation of a challenging yet attainable bonus opportunity for the salon’s service providers.

“When a service provider reaches $100,000 in annual services, they receive $1,000 bonus on the spot,” Baudier says. “This year, two team members made this bonus because I was able to work with them daily, breaking the goal down to the exact dollar needed to reach it, and they did.”

The first stylist, who achieved her goal in October, used the bonus for a spa day. The second, who succeeded in December purchased an Apple laptop.

“Watching these team members reach for and exceed these benchmarks not only provides enthusiasm as a whole but also inspired individual motivation to be the next in line for these rewards,” Baudier adds. “As we all know, a little healthy competition never hurts.”

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