Fashion is one of the greatest forms of self-expression. It allows you to bring your individuality to life in a way that’s authentically “you.” Your personal style lets you decide how you want to be seen. It can make a powerful statement about who you are, what you believe in, and—most of all—how you feel about yourself. The perfect outfit can leave you feeling more confident, empowered, and in tune with your inner self. 

Jelly footwear brand Melissa delved into more than 600 fashion trends and analyzed their Google Search Volume across the country to determine The Most Popular Fashion Trends of the Season

The Most Popular Fashion Trends

Jelly Shoes, Cargo Pants & More: Most Popular Fashion Trends


No matter which state you live in, there are some trends that are popular across the baord right now. Below, w're sharing some of the most shoppable clothing and shoe trends that people in all states are loving in 2023. 

The most popular clothing trends & fashion styles:

When it comes to clothing trends and fashion styles, there were a few clear-cut winners. According to our research, America’s most popular fashion trends over the past 12 months were: cargo pants, corsets, parachute pants, low-rise jeans, and flannel shirts.

We also uncovered a handful of fashion styles that people are most interested in replicating. America’s top five most loved fashion styles were: Y2K fashion, cottagecore, grunge, motocross, and punk. Here’s a bit more about each one below.

Y2K fashion: This style is all about replicating nostalgic looks from late ‘90s to early ‘00s pop culture. Think baby tees, double denim, bright colors, and metallics.

Cottagecore: Sometimes known as “farmcore” or “country core,” this style is inspired by nature. It’s defined by loose, free-flowing styles with floral prints and fabrics like ruffle and lace.

Grunge: Grunge is characterized by loose-fitting, androgynous clothing. This often includes chunky boots, skater shoes, graphic tees, and oversized plaid shirts.

Motocross: This edgy, biker-inspired style is all about leather, especially an oversized leather jacket and motorcycle boots.

Punk: Punk style is inspired by rebellion and counterculture. This can mean leather jackets, spiky studs, bulky clothing, and bright, colorful hair.

The Most Popular Shoe Trends and Styles

Jelly Shoes, Cargo Pants & More: Most Popular Fashion Trends


The research found the hottest footwear trends in the U.S. to be cowboy boots, knee-high boots, kitten heels (short stiletto heels), track shoes, ballet flats, and jelly shoes. And if you’re looking for fashionable ways to style these trends, you might want to try one of these top footwear styling obsessions: blue heels, black boots, red heels, white boots, and black heels.

Blue heals & Cowboy Boots

For fashionistas who are extra-trendy, try throwing on a pair of bold blue heels or cowboy boots. These two shoe trends were seen across runways this year and have made their way to the street style scene. They were also the most highly-searched trends out of all the styles on our list. 

Jelly Shoes

The jelly shoes footwear obsession goes perfectly with any of your Y2K-inspired looks (another top trend). You can choose between so many vibrant colors and styles, like jelly sandals, jelly heels, or jelly boots. These nostalgic shoes come in varieties for all ages and all seasons, and are now available with more sustainable options than their late ‘90s counterparts. Plus, our research found jelly shoes to be the sixth most popular footwear trend across the nation.

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