SalonPro’s Orbiting Halo Infrared Hair Color Processor

June 1, 2018 | 9:22 AM
SalonPro’s Orbiting Halo Infrared Hair Color Processor
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SHOPPING TIP: “When deciding whether to opt for a rolling base or wall-mounted hair processor, consider these two tips: 1. Have a licensed contractor first come out to take measurements, check electrical outlet locations and ensure your wall is adequate to support the weight of a hair processor. 2. Decide whether you would prefer to always use your hair processor in one specific area of your salon or suite, with the space saving, easy adjustability and clean appearance that the wall mount system provide. Or, would you prefer to have the ability to roll your hair processor directly to styling chairs or be used anywhere else in your salon with ease?”
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SalonPro’s Orbiting Halo Infrared Hair Color Processor features a futuristic design with a halo-style ring that orbits the client’s head, producing infrared heat to accelerate processing times by up to 50%. This processor is capable of drying hair while retaining moisture and reducing frizz.

Available with a rolling base or wall-mount system.

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