Kao Salon Division Announces Industry Recovery Initiative
Kao Salon Division Announces Industry Recovery Initiative

Today, the Kao Salon Division, home of the Goldwell, KMS and Oribe brands, introduced its Kao Salon Industry Recovery Initiative, solely focused on helping salons recover and rebuild as they emerge from the COVID-19 crisis.

“As soon as the COVID-19 pandemic started, Kao launched a number of tactical programs, such as suspending invoices while salons were closed—there were so many good activities happening globally where we were rolling up our sleeves, getting in the trenches and helping salons,” says Cory Couts, President Kao Salon Division. “This is really an umbrella initiative that brings all of those activities together, organizes them and communicates the things we are doing.”

According to Couts, the global initiative is comprised of three pillars of carefully constructed support campaigns, designed to address the unique challenges facing the industry and its professionals as they look to reopen. “The initiative’s trio of program is designed to, both individually and collectively, provide industry professionals with tangible, localized resources to ensure their business are not only restored, but thriving in the months ahead,” he says.

Kao Salon Division Announces Industry Recovery Initiative
Kao Salon Division Announces Industry Recovery Initiative

The components of The Kao Salon Industry Recovery Initiative include:


Founded on the belief that no one person or organization alone holds the key to success, but that by truly coming together the industry will rise and flourish, #StrongerTogether represents Kao Salon’s financial support and unwavering partnership.  Through this program Kao Salon has committed to:

  • Suspend invoices until local government salon closure orders are lifted
  • Sponsor free-to-industry opportunities to receive business recovery insight and information
  • Provide tangible support for local salon organizations to support activities that benefit both stylists and their salons
  • Donate product to charitable organizations for key medical personnel and those in need
  • Work with local trade media to present information on supporting government programs and their details and timelines
  • Work with salon customers to arrive at a support plan for success upon reopening
  • Create a sponsored consumer digital campaign to inspire a “#WorthTheWait” consumer movement that presents a call-to-action for clients to patiently wait for their stylists instead of taking at-home measures

“We are so excited about our #Worth the Wait campaign, which was designed to remind clients of the special bond they share with their salon professional and encourage them to hang in there until the salons reopen,” says John Moroney, Kao Global Vice President of Creative and Communication. “This client-facing, global campaign on Facebook and Instagram is brand agnostic and specifically created for salon professionals to repost with pride for their own followers.”

Kao Salon Division Announces Industry Recovery Initiative
Kao Salon Division Announces Industry Recovery Initiative


Because Kao inherently understands that the expression of creativity is the lifeblood of the industry, #CreativityNeverStops has been created to allow stylists to immediately nurture and hone their skills via:

  • Access to digital and online education programs that offer relief and inspiration to stylists confined to their homes
  • The transformation of the annual Goldwell Creative Awards into an entirely virtual experience, adjusting entry dates to expand participation

“Stylists are creative souls, and when they are sitting at home unable to work they can spiral,” Moroney explains. “We wanted to provide inspiration and help them continue their creativity, so we’ve been reposting some of our best YouTube videos and are launching a virtual education platform where professionals in every country can have live education with local artists.”

Kao Salon Division Announces Industry Recovery Initiative
Kao Salon Division Announces Industry Recovery Initiative


Serving as a constant reminder to customers that their individual recovery remains at the very center Kao Salon’s focus, #KaoSalonFamily has begun to:

  • Deliver hyper-relevant messages of hope and positivity through the Kao Salon network
  • Provide communication routes for stylists and salons to communicate their concerns and questions
  • Offer community and connection by directly inviting stylists and salons to connect with the organization through ongoing, virtual points of contact

“Our priority during this crisis has been to galvanize our efforts around the full and complete recovery of the industry as a whole, with special focus our partners and stylists,” says Cory Couts, Global President, Kao Salon Division. We know the needs and concerns of the salon community are very specific. That’s why we designed this initiative to not only to commit global resources, but local, real solutions for their recovery. We believe in the power of the collective and know that by meeting this incredibly powerful community where they are, and joining them on their journey, together we will grow, rise and create the future.”

Kao Salon Division Announces Industry Recovery Initiative
Kao Salon Division Announces Industry Recovery Initiative


In North America, as part of the Kao Salon Industry Recovery Initiative, Kao Salon Division has assembled a package valued at $5.6 million dollars focused on the tools salons will need to reopen and grow in the months ahead, including:

  • Financial donations to charities that serve salons, stylists and the communities in which we live and work
  • Enhanced back bar support which will provide cost savings to salons
  • Product samples to stimulate retail sales
  • Technical and business education, which will be available both virtually and in-person
  • Turnkey marketing initiatives and social media support for salon reopenings and beyond
  • Oribe.com Salon Commission Program made available for Oribe salons to enroll & earn commission on any orders placed by their customers. (U.S. only)

Kao is committed to the safety and health of its global community.  In North America, the Kao Salon Industry Recovery Initiative includes $1 million in product donations. Kao brands will donate soap, gloves, body wash, dry shampoos and other personal care products to charitable organizations and medical facilities in major metro areas that have been deeply affected by COVID-19 including NYC, Baltimore, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Dallas, Chicago, Miami, Toronto, Winnipeg and Vancouver.

“The activities Kao has planned in the U.S. are consistent with our ongoing philosophy of partnering with our salons to help them grow by giving them the tools they need to succeed.” said Scott Guinter, General Manager of Kao Salon Division U.S. “We stand united with our salons and are committed to supporting them throughout this current crisis and the recovery.”

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