The experts at Affordable Seating, a restaurant furniture manufacturer and wholesaler, have analyzed Google search data for over 100 different ice cream flavors across each US state.

Flavors include Neapolitan, Vanilla, Superman, Chocolate, Strawberry, Praline, Rocky Road, Watermelon, Rum Raisin, Bacon and more.

Searches for each of the 102 flavors were combined with five variations, such as “[flavor] ice cream,” “[flavor] ice cream recipe,” “how to make [flavor] ice cream,” “how to make homemade [flavor] ice cream,” and “[flavor] ice cream near me.”

Some of the keywords analyzed include “mint chocolate chip ice cream recipe,” “how to make honeycomb ice cream,” “how to make homemade raspberry ripple ice cream,” “salted caramel ice cream near me,” and “how to make pistachio ice cream.” 

The top keywords revealed the most popular ice cream flavors in the country:

1. Neapolitan with 60,200 average monthly searches
2. Vanilla with 52,378 monthly searches
3. Superman with 39,840 monthly searches
4. Spumoni with 39,103 monthly searches
4. Rocky Road with 38,181 monthly searches
5. Chocolate with 34,720 monthly searches
6. Strawberry with 31,422 monthly searches
8. Moose Tracks with 29,981 monthly searches
9. Banana with 28,422 monthly searches
10. Pistachio with 26,200 monthly searches
11. Blue Moon with 26,182 monthly searches
12. Ube with 26,106 monthly searches
13. Coffee with 24,248 monthly searches
14. Cookies and Cream with 24,172 monthly searches
15. Mint Chocolate Chip with 22,046 monthly searches
16. Mango with 20,793 monthly searches
17. Cake Batter with 20,400 monthly searches
18. Butter Pecan with 18,863 monthly searches
19. Cookie Dough with 18,793 monthly searches 
20. Peach with 17,976 monthly searches

Zach Kanoff, SVP of Chain Accounts, from Affordable Seating has commented on the study findings: "From traditional vanilla and chocolate to innovative and exotic flavors, the US is home to a wide rande of ice cream flavors and styles," he says. "As a long-standing tradition in American culture, ice cream has become a staple treat for celebrations, holidays and everyday enjoyment. Neopolitan ice cream is particularly popluar across the U.S. It consists of three classic flavors: vanilla, chocolate and strawberry in one container. The flavor has historical significance, tracing bac to the 19th century."

Perhaps it's time to treat your salon team to an ice cream social at your next staff meeting. 

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